New item for gift shop

Kylea remember those bracelets the gift shop use to have? Time to reinvent them with Z Princess! I didn't have a chance to get the newer one that had pink and teal together--but I have one teal and one pink.

Any chance?


  • kyleakylea Administrator
    @Margaret, thanks for the suggestion! We'll certainly consider it.
  • Yes, please more bracelets. I would love a yellow tote bag, I already have the tan one and it is so well designed. I love it! I don't need the autographs, but the yellow bags would sell like hot cakes for Christmas! A good time to raise money for those thoroughbreds in need.
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    They had the yellow limited-edition track bag for sale during the celebration. I bought one. Looks like they sold out.
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    Someone mentioned on the Blog-side a wish for some of those photos of the two boys together. Great idea.
  • KMMKMM Member
    Maybe a well done collage of Zen and her offsping?
  • KMMKMM Member
    Or boys pics on T-shirts?
  • KMMKMM Member
    Or some sports caps ( I am having a brain fart), sun visors with names of Zenyatta, CozmicOne, or Ziconic on visors.
  • Maybe woven horse hair bracelets from Z's mane?
  • Maybe woven horse hair bracelets from Z's mane?
    I'd even buy one from her tail ... :-)

  • I thought about the tail, but hers never seemed full.
  • There was a freebie for Rachel's Valentina at Stone street website. Maybe an idea for Z group?
  • KMMKMM Member
    It would be fun to have Z team wraps and boots for our horses.:)
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