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We understand that images have become a valuable part of the discussion in the forums. If you wish to share images in your comments, please make sure you read and understand the following rules.

Images posted in violation of these rules may be deleted without warning. Users who frequently violate our image posting rules may be subject to formal warning, suspension, or permanent ban.

Hotlinking – Don’t!

Hotlinking is a term used to describe directly linking to images hosted elsewhere in order to display them on a website. When you link to an image on another site, you are using the other site’s bandwidth to display the file. Since bandwidth costs money, unauthorized hotlinking is theft.

Hotlinking can have unintended consequences when the images you link to are taken down or switched with other images. This will cause broken links and incorrect images to clutter our forum.

For more detailed information about hotlinking and why you want to avoid it, see:

Posting an image, the right way

Use an image hosting service. A few options are listed below, many of which are free. Upload images to the service of your choice and use the code they provide to insert images into your forum comments. Keep in mind that many image hosting services have their own rules about what content you’re allowed to upload and share.

You may only use the image button provided in the comment box to insert photos that you are sure you have the right to post. This means that you must have permission to link (posting an image from your own website, for example) or you have uploaded the image to a hosting service and copied the direct url.

Image Size

Please do not post images larger than 800 pixels wide.


Photographers deserve credit for their work. If you post an image on the forums, you must credit the photographer and source. If you took the photo, credit yourself! Images posted without credit will be removed.
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