Cozmic One – The Racehorse

At the track under the care of a trainer. His first start may be way off, but Coz has graduated to the next level. Time to turn the page (discussion) to this new season. We blinked and he’s at a real race track – Belmont be good to “our” boy.


  • Good idea, Especially_Horses.
  • raceonraceon Member
    I agree.
  • Indeed. Our baby boy is all grown up! It's just so amazing to see what a beautiful colt he's grown into. How wonderful it is for all of us "aunties" to see him come full circle. From a foal, to a yearling, to a racehorse, to a stud, and then to a retired gentleman.
  • louisecastello, Thanks for posting the photo. That was amazing! He's an absolutely stunning horse! Can't wait for all the good stuff that will be coming along for him : )
  • Paniolo_GalPaniolo_Gal Member
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    Ah...seems not too long ago that Coz was a little boy...Thanks louisecastello for finding this current photo of Coz!

    Cozmic One-July 3, 2012

    Cozmic One- June 5, 2014
    photo by Emily Shields
  • size of those ears didn't change much :-))
  • But they're beautiful ears.
  • RachelRachel Member
    Looks like he grew into them lol, he looked like a wee donkey with those ears when he was little xD
  • Not quite all grown up...he still has a way to go. He is a handsome boy, and yes, his ears are a bit better proportioned
  • RachelRachel Member
    well yes, but he has grown into his ears
  • Looks like he grew into them lol, he looked like a wee donkey with those ears when he was little xD
    I fess up....I thought he looked like a wee donkey too. And truthfully I said to myself "I don't want Zeny's baby to look like a donkey." I think others had similar thoughts and that’s why when Ziconic came along the accolades about how beautiful and awesome he was were as much for the truth of those words as they were for a sense of relief that “Oh Zeny can throw a foal that is a stunner from minute one.”
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    I love this photo of Coz. Thanks Paniolo Gal

    Cozmic One- June 5, 2014
    photo by Emily Shields
  • RachelRachel Member
    its that photo of him where hes got his ears splayed out and his mouth is open trying to bite the lead or whatever and he....has gums! hahahahaha
  • Now that's something to smile about!
  • KetaKeta Member
    DRFBreeding ‏@DRFBreeding PHOTO Sunday June 8
    2-year-old Cozmic One (Bernardini x Zenyatta) heads to the track
    at Belmont on Sunday morning

  • Well this photo has now been posted enough. It's labeled "photo/1" What about photo2? etc.
  • I hope he got Zenyatta's dance moves. He is such a beautiful colt. Hard to believe he is technically still a baby.
  • What a beautiful boy! Thanks for all who posted pictures. :)
  • Beautiful picture. If the racing gig doesn't work out he sure has dressage potential. I could see crossing him with some lovely dressage mares.
  • Thanks Rachel for finding these!!

  • I'm hoping racing suits him just fine. Dressage would work though.
  • RachelRachel Member
    Not a problem, i was ticked off for DRF teasing us then said HAH! After i found these on google images. Oh man wait til Barbara Livingston gets ahold of Coz LOL
  • Tracy Kelly @bertha9
    @seabiscuit7 @zenyatta_queen Per DRF, Cozmic One is his mother's son and
    big. Progressing quickly and may start after Saratoga.

    I don't know if this is true, just saw this on twitter, but it scares the heck out of me. Could it really be that soon?
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