Wise Dan - Two time Horse of the Year and a Grand Old Gelding



  • Keeneland Assn ‏ RACE REPLAY & Post-race ceremony/interviews
    Replay: Wise Dan triumphs late to take the $1M Shadwell Turf Mile (G1)
    Published on Oct 4, 2014
    The 29th Running of the Shadwell Turf Mile (Grade 1)
  • Was jumping up and down screaming! How amazing is he? He races with all his heart - if he wins the BC mile he's gotta be in the mix for a 3 peat HoY! Has there ever been a winner 3 years in a row?
  • Keeneland Assn ‏on Saturday Oct. 4 2014
    John Velazquez ends the day w/5 wins.
    Marking the 18th time this has been accomplished in a single-day in Keeneland history.

    Note: That is 5 wins out of 7 rides. Won the last 4. Not a bad day!
  • Jim Gladden ‏@GenesisRacing · 1m1 minute ago
    A Day in the Life of Wise Dan - Hangin' With Haskin http://cs.bloodhorse.com/blogs/horse-racing-steve-haskin/archive/2014/09/01/a-day-in-the-life-of-wise-dan.aspx

  • PlainBays
    You asked: "Has there ever been a winner 3 years in a row?"
    Forego won the Eclipse Horse of the Year in 1974 1975 1976
    There several 2 time winners-Secretariat, Curlin, and WIse Dan come to mind.
    So, it has been done before. Almost like waiting for the Triple Crown.
  • My man DAN!
  • Dan is phenominal! If he wins the BC Mile, I think he will be HOY.
  • has no been done since Forego for 3 peat of the HOY honors. I think he has this in the bag, especially with his "heart in your throat and huge relief when wins" races, they so far have been his most impressive wins in my opinion.
  • I think Chrome should win best 3 year old, how can you overlook his accomplishments?
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    You asked: "Has there ever been a winner 3 years in a row?"
    Forego won the Eclipse Horse of the Year in 1974 1975 1976
    There several 2 time winners-Secretariat, Curlin, and WIse Dan come to mind.
    So, it has been done before. Almost like waiting for the Triple Crown.
    Do not forget the great Kelso.....5 years running HOTY...
  • well, if they keep Wise Dan running and he stays this good maybe he could get up there with Kelso lol. I doubt it though
  • KetaKeta Member
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    Oops moment. You are so right.
    5 - Kelso (1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964)
    His great record gets overshadowed and ,in my case, overlooked.
    Thanks for the reminder.
    Hugs, Keta
  • Kelso also took on jumping after his racing career :)
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    WOOOOOOOW!!!!!! Wise Dan went outsie of horses and mowed them down ever so slowly but got it done by a neck!
    Actually he got it by a length and about half a tail, going away. Wonderful race; very exciting. He's a great horse. I hope he stays in the Turf Mile at the Breeders' Cup. Don't mess with success. Besides, we don't want him racing against California Chrome, do we? One of them would have to beat the other.
  • right
  • What a race! Go Wise Dan!!! :)
  • Darn! Was at an appointment all day and missed Wise Dan's race...can anyone link that race...please? :oD
  • Paniolo_Gal, top of page two (2), Keta posted link of race and interviews.
    Wise Dan is absolutely amazing --- runs like a three year old colt in his prime! He's got to be in the running for Horse of the Year.
  • Paniolo_GalPaniolo_Gal Member
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    Thanks bleubetty! I did see keta's earlier posting of the partial race replay and post race interviews...:oD But was able to find the entire race just now...

    Below: Today's Shadwell Turf Mile race at Keeneland from start to finish for Wise Dan...Wow! What a remarkable stretch finish! :oD

    Wondered if anyone knows Wise Dan's stride length? He made the others in the stretch look like they were slowing down...he covered so much ground with each stride! Secretariat's blood truly runs very strong in this handsome fellow indeed!
  • Wise Dan - As recently as× Saturday morning, I doubted whether the great one had done enough this year to earn a third straight× Horse of the Year. After seeing him do his thing in person on× Keeneland, though, any doubts are long gone. At seven-years-old, Wise Dan is nothing short of a remarkable horse, and a winning machine. We’ll have to see who wins the× Classic, but you can bet that he’ll be there and ready if there’s an upset.
  • They showed some of the Shadwell yesterday on the NBC televised race. Even though I knew the results, my heart stopped when I saw where he was coming around the far turn. In retrospect, it looks like he was just teasing them!
  • Is it possible to watch this, especially with that fanfare music, without tearing up? Wow! Also watching the trainer and the two women near the end makes the tearing very contagious, if the music and video of the race haven't already gotcha. Very good vibes here. Thanks for posting, Rachel.

  • KMMKMM Member
    I was looking at close hatches as hoy but Dan may be up there again.
  • KetaKeta Member
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    Mile: Ankle Injury Will Force Wise Dan To Miss Breeders’ Cup
    by Press Release | 10.13.2014
    Morton Fink, owner of Wise Dan, the two-time defending Breeders’ Cup Mile (GI) winner and reigning two-time Horse of the Year, informed Breeders’ Cup officials on Monday morning that Wise Dan has developed a non-displaced fracture at the bottom of the cannon bone of the right front fetlock that will prevent him from seeking a third Breeders’ Cup Mile title on November 1 at Santa Anita Park at the 31st Breeders’ Cup World Championships.
    Mr. Fink’s statement to the Breeders’ Cup is below:
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