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  • I LOVE these Corgi's. I know nothing about them, but they are soooo cute!
  • The Queen of England is a huge Corgi fan. My next door neighbor about 20 years ago in another town had one. His head always looked too big for his legs (the Corgi, not the neighbor). At least dachshunds are proportioned better. LOL
  • The Queen of England is a huge Corgi fan. My next door neighbor about 20 years ago in another town had one. His head always looked too big for his legs (the Corgi, not the neighbor). At least dachshunds are proportioned better. LOL
    You're a hoot today! I love it.

  • Wow forgot we had this thread!

    I am now a mom! Meet Jasper, the Blue Tick x Pitbull puppy. He is 8 weeks old and photogenic as can be
  • He is adorable.
  • Aww!!!!!!! Rachel, he is sooooooooo cute! I bet he still has that sweet puppy breath. Lol One of my favorite smells in the world. Maybe you can keep posting photos and we can watch him grow up.
  • Ill definitely be doing that. The Adventures of Jasper sounds like a neat little theme here lol. Yup, he has puppy breath, so much so it smells like a skunk at times LOL. He is attached to me already, gets in my lap and falls asleep. We adopted him from Petsmart
  • We kinda just stumbled upon him while there. We went to petsmart looking for a certain puppy that we thought was there and were surprised to see the three boys i saw online at their shelter. We stood around and watched them, seeing how they interacted. This one was the smallest of the other 2.
  • I'm so happy for you. He is really, really cute! I like The Adventures of Jasper, that will be fun. It kind of makes me want a new puppy, but I've got my hands full as it is. Lol I'll just enjoy yours from afar.
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    The only good thing about moving out of my mom's house is that me and two of my best friends Mekinzie and Jordan have actually put some of our money into a nice sized house which has a basement, an upstairs, and then a ground level floor. We have room for dogs I only took three of my dogs with me. Kinzi has one dog, and then Jordan has her own dog. And we have a pretty good sized yard which is a good thing especially if we would ever want to come together and get another dog.
    Just so this does not get confusing the Mekinzie that I mentioned in this post is a friend from college and the Mackenzie that is mentioned on page one is a childhood friend she's 4 years younger than me.
  • We started moving our stuff into the house all three of us are sharing on friday so we haven't made a lot of process yet, but it is close to the college that we are all going to so it is really nice and its really nice to get away from the pressure of home and parents. Haha. Currently the dogs I took with me are Deuce, Texas (out of all of my dogs they are defiantly mine and go everywhere with me) and then I took Hooch since he is old and has been having health issues and I am not sure how much longer he has because of his breed. Mekinzie's dog's are named Gator and Stella. Gator is a 2 year male reverse brindle English Mastiff and Stella is a 5 year old female Alaskan Klee Kai. Then Jordan's dog is named Shorty, he's a 3 year old Pomski.
  • Before it is asked on how can three young girls afford a house like this, it is mainly because we had been talking about becoming roommates for a few years and we each had money saved up just for either an apartment or a house and we all three found a house that we could afford so we put a portion of our money together like great friends . I know it sounds stupid, but there are alot of young people out there today who like living together especially during college. It also helps when Jordan's dad is a doctor and he helped pay for a very small portion of the house for us.
  • @Rachel I am totally jealous of your new puppy though he is adorable.
  • I have a picture of Gator on my phone that I will be posting for some odd reason I don't have a picture of Stella or Shorty. So for those of you who don't know what an Alaskan Klee Kai or a Pomski is here is a picture of each breed along with information.
    Alaskan Klee Kai

    Pomsky (mixture of a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky, strange mix)
  • Rachel, congrats, Jasper is a beauty! Wishing you lots of happy times with the little stinker. I didn't really mean stinker, sorry, but all of a sudden I had a flashback of Basset Hound puppies that have lived with us.
  • Basset Bounds are so cute @bigherbie I have never had one are they a lot of work?
  • Jasper is just darling.
  • No, CC, Bassets are not a lot of work, just have to keep their ears clean, but they are stubborn and take some time to learn who is in charge. They have been "my breed" since my first one at age 8 as a birthday present. They are lovable, hardy, active and smart (as far as I know) and I love them to no end.
  • I think with Jasper we might have to keep his ears cleaned as well. Hes got alot of Wax build up right now. He has medium length ears lol
  • I see. I have always loved herding dogs witch is why I have Deuce and Texas. Deuce being an Australian Shepherd and Texas being a Rough Collie. I would have more herding dogs but I'll stick to my three dogs that I took from my mom's house which are of course Deuce (Aussie), Texas (Rough Collie), and Hooch (Dogue de Bordeaux).
  • That face though. He eats ALOT for an 8 week old puppy
  • Yeah you will probably have to clean his years. That's what we have to do with Grace's ears but that's mainly because she gets ear infections very easily.
  • Hes got little Tick marks across his fur in random areas. Tick is the little black spots or dark colored fur markings in the white hair that look like ticks. Hince the reason for the name Tick Hound
  • Remember the movie Where The Red Fern Grows? Since watching that movie when i was a kid ive always wanted a hound. Now i got one :)
  • And my goodness is this boy smart. 8 weeks old and already knows where his water and food bowl is. Knows what his dog food bag sounds like and comes a running. He gets really excited with his food lol he almost jumped into the dog food bag earlier LOL. We are working on peeing outsode as he has already had 2 pee accidents in the house. But no poop accidents thank goodness lol. Hes pooped outside 2 times today
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