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  • I love Blue ticked Coonhounds. Ticking can also happen on German Shorthaired Pointers along with German Wirehaired Pointers. Both Shiraz is ticked.
  • The hound breed in Where the Fern Grows are Redbone Coonhounds, that's the type of dog my cousin uses for raccoon hunting.
  • Rachel, he has a face with freckles and eyes to melt a heart just like my tricolor Basset, Delilah. He is so darn cute!!!!
  • Talking about dogs gets me really thinking about how selfish I am being towards Hooch.
  • He sounds like a really smart dog, Rachel. I don't envy house training, though. Lol! Just take him out constantly, that's what I always did. I took mine out more often than they say and then praised very enthusiastically when they went outside. I spent many hours outside waiting and waiting for them to go. And at night before bedtime I never gave mine water, but would let them suck on an ice cube in case they were thirsty. Anytime I noticed mine wandering and sniffing inside, I scooped them up and out we went. They all caught on pretty fast.
  • Hes got loose skin for days! Haha


    He kinda looks like a beagle
  • You are so lucky Deuce was so difficult to train and she's an Aussie which are so smart, she was so stubborn. Then her being stubborn taught Texas to be stubborn when I was training him. That's where Shiraz stepped in she put both of them in their places pretty quick. So your lucky @Rachel that he is learning so quick.
  • This is actually my first time raising a male puppy. All of my other dogs have been female.

    There are noticible differences lol.

    Hardheadedness. Short attention span. Stubborn. Momma's boy, wants to be held or in your lap. I WANT FOOD AND I WANT IT NOW! Male mentality lol
  • Yes Texas was just like! When he wanted his food he wanted it now and not when I wanted to feed him. He learned how to open the pantry door don't ask me how he did it but he did it. Hooch is such a mama's boy even to this day he is or at least he thinks he is. @Rachel I am telling you Hooch is 155-160lbs and I have a chair that I sit in and he literally figures out how to get onto the chair or at least try to get into the chair to sit on me. I am a tiny person I literally can't feel my legs after a while. Its horriable so you have that to look forward too. Haha.
  • Lol i was told he wouldnt get any bigger than 60 lbs max. His mom was present and she was a big dog but not ginormous like a Great Pyrenese lol
  • He was the smallest of his litter mates
  • Haha, once again your lucky @Rachel. Jasper was the smallest, Hooch was the second largest in his litter.
  • @Rachel I am only 110lbs and 5"2 now imagine having a 160lb Drogue due Bordeaux sitting on you. Not a fun image for me.
  • I've had male and female dogs and I think the males are way more affectionate and loving than females. I love both, of course, but I do think the males show their love a lot more and aren't as "moody" as the females.
  • Yeah I agree. Could you imagine having a 160lb male dog sitting on you all of the time? Haha its not fun.
  • Congratulations on the puppy, Rachel. He does look a lot like a beagle. And he also looks like a Jasper.

    There's a mare about to foal on MareStare. Toucha Chrome Farm. Bye all.
  • I totally missed it LOL
  • I've had male and female dogs and I think the males are way more affectionate and loving than females. I love both, of course, but I do think the males show their love a lot more and aren't as "moody" as the females.
    I think it really depends on the dogs. I've had two females but each were a different breed and there is a major difference in their affection levels. My Husky was one that liked to get attention on her terms, but she didn't really seek it out that much. She wasn't one to turn away though if you came up to her and started petting her, but hugs weren't really her cup of tea, and she would only tolerate it for a few seconds. My Bullmastiff on the other hand wants to constantly be with people. She loves hugs and to cuddle up right next to you and take a nap. She also gets excited to see you if you haven't paid attention to her for about five minutes. My uncle's Beagle who's a male is around the same affection level as my Bullmastiff.

    Females on a whole are also more protective of the family, where males are more protective of territory.
  • I love bull mastiffs or mastiff breeds which is why I have Hooch. He's a Dogue de Bordeaux. Then my friend Kinzie has her dog Gator and he is an English Mastiff.
  • @Pepper, I'm sure you're right. My girl is a German Shepherd mix rescue. We have no idea what else she is, but she's super-intense and active. She has a sweet side, but definitely is affectionate on her terms. All my boys have been labs and retrievers which I think are just naturally affectionate anyway. I've always been told females are less affectionate, but I've mostly had males so I'm probably not a good judge. I can only judge my one girl. She is also the boss of my big boys even though she is smaller. She is definitely the alpha which I love & find really interesting!
  • Lol i was told he wouldnt get any bigger than 60 lbs max. His mom was present and she was a big dog but not ginormous like a Great Pyrenese lol
    Congrats on the new puppy! Completely random comment but we also adopted our dog from Don't take what they say about size too seriously because with mixed breeds you never know! The rescue told us our pup was a Plott Hound mix and would fairly big - nope shes just a 30 pounder! We happened to see one of her brothers about a year ago and hes even shorter!
  • Oh wow. Plott Hounds are usually big lol. Hes got fairly large paws that fill up the palm of your hand though, he might get as big as his momma (about 3 feet high)
  • You never know about size. My Boxer is 85 pounds of ripped muscle but his sister is half his size and maybe 40 pounds.
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    Male and female dogs. I agree it depends on the breed to some extent. We had a female Golden Retriever at the same time as two male dogs, a Samoyed and a Shetland Sheepdog. Scarlett, the retriever, was absolutely the boss dog and the others kowtowed to her and literally kissed up to her all the time, esp. Sasha, the Samoyed. Scarlett, was very protective of the kids, though and when we went on hikes, she insisted on being out in front. Once while hiking along a slight ridge in the desert, Scarlett got behind my daughter, who was about 6 and a half, and she rushed to get in front and pushed Kristi aside, knocking her into a pretty big cholla cactus plant. Some protector! It was hard not to laugh, but Kristi didn't think it was at all funny. When someone would approach from the opposite direction during a hike, Scarlett would stop and growl. That was pretty scary to the other people, esp. coming from a Golden Retriever, normally friendly dogs. She didn't want any strangers near her kids. So cute.
  • That is strange for Golden Retrievers but they are very protective and loyal to their families.
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