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I've been thinking about starting a discussion about various Horse Rescue Operations. I've been following Mea Ola's Place and Ponytales Rescue recently and have posted news about two foals with interesting stories, one from each place, on Mare Stare, but many of you don't follow Mare Stare and these two foals are growing up now, so they need to be moved out of Mare Stare. Sadly Ponytales' Owner has been harrassed by trolls recently and so has taken her website and facebook accounts down, so I can't follow them just now. I'll be posting more about Rowdy from Mea Ola's Place in the days ahead. I've also started following HiCalibre, also located in CA, and will post more on that later, too.


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    The first post I want to make is for a Thoroughbred named Spider. His owner approached Mea Ola's place to see if they would take him, but they don't have room or funds just now. Here is the situation as posted by Mea Ola's Place. They asked that it be shared, so here is the Post: [emphasis (boldface) mine].

    This is Spider, destined to be GREAT. He is a yearling Thoroughbred by Birdstone, winner of the 2004 Belmont Stakes. He is about to be euthanized unless we can help!

    [ Pictures and Video can be found at https://www.facebook.com/OperationHorseRescue ]

    We were contacted by the owner, as well as the person boarding Spider, to see if we could take him in. Spider most likely sustained a broken pelvis at birth, or possibly in the first few weeks of his life. He was born in Kentucky and did not receive the proper vet care he needed. The good news is that it appears his hip is healed, but he is now crooked. He will never be a riding horse, much less a race horse. His owner has fallen on hard times and is selling his horses, but no one will buy Spider. Because he has a great personality, they thought of us because he could be used in Equine Assisted Therapy. They are out of options and Spider is now facing euthanasia.
    We do not have the budget to take another right now, so we are asking for funding for Spider so we can save him. All of our corrals are full at the moment. He will need to be gelded and have a thorough exam with xrays so we will know exactly what happened and how to make sure he stays comfortable. We also need a few folks to commit to a monthly sponsorship for him. The lady currently boarding him will donate a corral for him, but we need a shelter top and wind break. She has also agreed to deworm and vaccinate him before he comes, so we won't have those costs.
    Donations can be made through paypal. Judy Stevens, one of our board members, has that set up for us. :)
    Here is the break down of what we need to be able to save him:

    Exam and xrays: $300
    Gelding: $400
    Shelter top and wind break: $500
    First 3 months feed, meds, etc: $450

    A monthly sponsorship for Spider is $150. Partial sponsorships work great, too. Six people at $25 a month is what we need. Visit our website at www.meaola.com for more info about the monthly sponsorships.

    - See more at: http://www.petcaring.com/animal-rescue/saving-spider/42584#sthash.3jRWgqMS.dpuf

    Please spread the word by sharing with your contacts, and offer prayers.
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    The above post would not take my <<< at the end of the quotation from Mea Ola's Place. It's after the blue link at the end. I also had another line of my own, but I guess the "poster" didn't like it because it got lost, too. The Please spread comment in bold is mine. lol Weird. Sorry about that.
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    Thanks for creating this thread VA. Oh I hope they can save Spider!
  • I just saw on the link you posted that someone donated in honor of Z Princess. In her short life time she has impacted so many people and inspired so much service.
  • Horselover24, that's great! Ann was waffling a bit on whether she wanted to keep trying to save Spider because the donations were stuck at $350. But she didn't know about Mine That Bird and how Spider is his half-brother (sire's side), and when she heard of Mine That Bird and his story and incredible upset win in the 2009 Kentucky Derby, she became quite excited and determined to rescue him. She watched the Derby on You Tube and was blown away by the incredible win and she sat right down and dashed off the post she put on her facebook page, along with a link to the Derby replay. She has an amazing ability to tie things together and she suggested that maybe Spider could beat the same odds and be saved. Since then the donations have gone up to $660. I hope they keep climbing.
  • Wow! I just checked again, and the donations are up to $1060. Hooraay!
  • Yay!!! They're getting close to their goal! When it says on the website "1 day left" next to the amount raised, does that mean that if they don't raise the money in one day they can't rescue him?
  • This morning they are up to $1200, and it says 2 days left, so I think the organization sets the time limit and Ann must have added a day. When I told her that Spider is related to Mine That Bird, whose story she was unfamiliar with, and told her the story and directed her to watch the 2009 Kentucky Derby replay, she got all excited. I think she is committed now to rescuing him. She was leaning the other way and discouraged because the donations were only up to $350 and had been stuck there for several days. She was planning to refund that money. But now it looks like they can do it. I was at Mea Ola's yesterday and it's true, they don't have any open corrals, but they have the room on the property to build one. He'll also need a shelter and wind break because winter is coming on.

    This rescue group (Mea Ola's Place) is the real deal, and they use the horses in various therapies with different groups. Today they are working with sexual abuse victims from Ft. Irwin. They also work with various groups of kids. Ann is a Vet Tech and a trainer. I watched her work with Tilly, one of the mares they rescued last winter from a kill lot in Nevada. She's a strawberry roan, quite a pretty girl, whom Ann thinks is quite young--maybe 3 to 5. She was completely wild and so Ann has still not been able to check her teeth. Yesterday Ann was working with a harness, sliding it partially up her nose and then pulling it off and rewarding her with small handfuls of hay. She also put the rope over her ears a few times. Very slow but positive progress.

    They are working to build an enclosed building so that Dr. Sam can conduct lameness clinics there. He was Rowdy's savior vet who has gone up there to treat him, and it's a very long way, about 2-hours or more one-way. Mea Ola's Place is in the high desert not far from Victorville (check map), and he is at the beach in Orange County--Mission Viejo (check map). He obviously follows them on facebook because when Ann called him, he knew who Rowdy was. He had previously visited them to treat Mea Ola herself. Recently Mea Ola had a "new-fangled" stem cell treatment and she looked much improved. Poor girl had had multiple leg and foot injuries before she was rescued, in foal. Ann said that Mea Ola survived her pregancy only by lying down about half the time.

    For those of you who don't know, Mea Ola is a Hawaiian name that means "survivor." Ann pronounces it "may-OH-la," but she calls the mare, "Mama" because this was Ann's first experience with a foal. She put the whole episode on MareStare, in 2012, and was the most popular page on MareStare at the time. They had over 600 pages of comments. The filly was born in May that year. She is a beautiful black. Mea Ola is black and white. Sassy towers over her mother, and Ann thinks the sire was probably a Thoroughbred and Sassy does have that look, especially the head.
  • Sorry about the repetitions in the above post. Forgot I had already mentioned some of that info. But some people don't go back to read older entries, so it bears repeating. I hope they can rescue Spider. I want to meet him. He's a yearling now, but will, of course, be 2 on Jan 1. He's a contemporary of Ziconic.
  • Here are two pictures to add to this discussion, both were taken yesterday at Mea Ola's place.

    Here I am hugging Rowdy.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    And here, he is hugging me. (Horses do that by pressing the side of their head against the side of the human's face. Very special.)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    He is just the sweetest boy and very well-mannered for such a very spoiled colt of only 5 months.
  • He is a month younger than Z Princess, she was 6 months :(
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    Yes, almost a month--his birthday is the 23rd of May. I confess that I have been thinking of Z Princess the entire time I've been watching Rowdy grow. We only got to see pictures of her separated by many weeks, whereas we could see Rowdy's growth in increments every day. So I would say to myself when viewing Rowdy, "This is how Z Princess looked a month ago," etc. The illusion was helped by the fact that Rowdy also has a curly mane and tail, and they were the same color, more or less. Of course I knew they were two different foals, and it was not to take anything away from Rowdy himself, but I have always had her in mind when I looked at him and when I saw him in person and got to touch him, I imagined I was touching her, too. After Nov 30 or so, that will end and I will no longer be able to say, this is how she looked a month ago. :-( From there on it will be just Rowdy. If this makes any sense.... (Z Princess was always bigger, though, because she was a Thoroughbred, born of a huge mama, Rowdy is a Morgan and his mama looks small.) I'm still so terribly sad about Z Princess. I can only read half a page of the blog comments at a time.
  • The Save Spider Fund is up to $1325. Yesss. Let's do this. Spread the word on all your other horse-related discussions, facebook, twitter, etc.
  • Awww sweet pictures of you and Rowdy VA!
  • That's because he's a very sweet horse.
  • Well, horses are good judges of character, so he obviously likes you for a reason!
  • Well, horses are good judges of character, so he obviously likes you for a reason!
    Amen to that...horses can read "people" like a book. You gave out good, positive energy towards him (Rowdy) and he graciously reciprocated it back to you VA_in_CA by giving you a "Horsey Hug"! :oD
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    Dogs and cats like me too. I guess I pass the good person test. LOL. I have a sort of friend who is very bitchy and profane at times, also opinionated and embarrassing to eat in restaurants with because she always makes a big fuss. But my cats and former dogs loved her so I figured she must be a good person and she does have a kind heart. She just had an unfortunate role model in her father. She's pretty mixed up.
  • Update from Mea Ola's Place:
    by Mea Ola's Place
    Thank you everyone! It looks like we are going to make it, we are almost there! We are so close, that I did contact the owner to let him know that we will take him. Please continue to share his story, as Spider is going to need the support and it would help us so much to reach this initial goal for him. I will be returning to see Spider on Sunday and will update with pics and video then. We should be able to bring him to Mea Ola's Place...a place for SURVIVORS...next week. :) Ann

    - See more at: http://www.petcaring.com/animal-rescue/saving-spider/42584#sthash.gaNlh87U.dpuf

    Looks like I'll have to make another trip up to the high desert. I really want to meet this guy.
  • Woohoo!!!! I'm so glad they're able to save him! VA, if you see I'd love to see pictures! :)
  • Okie Dokie.
  • Here's this morning's post from Mea Ola's Place: "We are headed out to go see Spider this morning and let him know that he will be coming to MOP! We got very close to our goal, and we have several folks still doing footwork for sponsorships...etc. Pics and video coming later. Thank you all for donating so we could save him!"
  • New picture of Spider with Ann. The donations are up to $1454. So wonderful. He'll be "going home" to Mea Ola's Place next week.

    Here he is: Mine That Bird's and Summerbird's little brother (among many-lol) He's now a yearling, but will officially be two on Jan 1st. He's a contemporary of Ziconic.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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    Ann says they will be putting a MareStare camera on Spider when he arrives and may put him in an MS special watch to observe how he gets up and down because he has an infected scrape on his knee. Sounds like they are going to try to get him ASAP.
  • Credit Rachel with the Scoop. She must have Mea Ola's Place constantly up on her computer because she is always the first to "LIKE" the entries. LOL.

    As she reported, Spider (half-brother of Mine That Bird) has arrived at Mea Ola's Place and you can see him now on live cam through MareStare. He's in the lower left picture. Ann was just in working on him, giving him some love and reassurance as he adjusts to his new home. He's small, but still young. Officially a yearling until Jan 1, when he will be officially 2. He's a contemporary of Ziconic, but has problems with his butt since he was injured at birth and seems to have suffered a broken pelvis. Maybe he was born of a standing mother. Who knows? He seems able to walk okay. He also has an infected scrape on his right knee just now, and he looks a little undernourished. He's a dark bay.

    For those who haven't been following all this, the other 3 cams at Mea Ola's are all on Rowdy. They're a 4-way split on the MareStare Live Cam, listed as Cam 1.

    Ann is back in with him again. Lucky for him she's a vet tech. I think she's going to work on his knee, maybe. Yup. Looks like she's washing it.

    She's certainly busy this morning. When she's out working around the other horses, Rowdy often whinnies to her. It's so cute.
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