I apologize profusely if this is the wrong place to put this (or if we're not allowed to introductory posts at all), but anyway hello! I am a new member but I've been watching stalking this forum for quite a while. My user is EliRose since I saw there was already a member named "lizzie," but my actual name is Liz.

I am a college student who participates in IHSA and I own an OTTB. I have been riding for about 12 years, and I have a special interest in horse racing, especially the breeding aspects. I will hopefully be interning at a TB breeding farm over the summer and have interned under an equine nutritionist at her layup facility in the past. My family has deep roots in Thoroughbreds, and our favorite horse in recent years has definitely been Zenyatta!

This is my 10 yo Graeme Hall son, Remy, a flop on the track but my best buddy. His track owners for some reason thought he'd be their "Seabiscuit" horse and kept him as a stallion prospect until he was four . . . Even though he was purchased as a yearling for a grand total of $1000.

Pictures taken by myself.
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Taken by Nikki Sherman (March 2014, used in sales ad by Track to Tranquility).
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Video taken by myself in December before Remy went into professional training.


  • Good luck to you. I have aLeroi girl who never raced and had a nutty Ottb girl that raced but was not a good candidate for show horse. I took care of her ad Shepherd and did ride her. Good luck.
  • He is gorgeous. And welcome to the forum.
  • Welcome to the forum EliRose. Remy is a stunner, lucky you!
  • Welcome, EliRose. Your horse looks like a happy boy. Did you have him gelded? Good luck in his training. From the first picture, it looks like you are in the West, maybe the desert somewhere? Or at least high country. You can continue talking about Remy on the Personl Photos of Personal Horses, or something like that. It's on p. 4 of the catalog or contents at the moment. Your career interests sound fascinating. The internship will be interesting to hear about should you care to share with us. You might enjoy watching Mare Stare. You can become a member for free. http://marestare.com/
  • Oh yes, Remy is gelded! Although he still has some "studdish" attitude because it was done so late. He was a Western trail horse for six years before I adopted him - now we're hopefully going to begin eventing and/or straight dressage. He's an absolute blast to ride.

    The pictures and video (besides the one taken by Nikki Sherman) are from Missoula, Montana, where I go to school (Wildlife Biology major). Remy is Florida-bred and was raced at Philadelphia Park, and was adopted out through a "Turning For Home" partner farm. When I got him I was living in NJ, and I brought him to Montana in August when I began school. The very first picture was taken the day after he got off the trailer in MT, while he was in QT. He was very curious about the new place!

    I will definitely hop to that thread, and I keep meaning to join Mare Stare. If I get the internship, I would love to share. I'm trying to either get the breeding internship or one with a wildlife park.
  • That's quite a move from NJ to MT. I started out in NJ, too. Essex County, pretty much opposite mid-town Manhattan. I envy you your career options. In my day, there were not so many interesting ones for women.
  • Welcome to the forum EliRose. Good to meet you. I like to think positive in my thinking. Your boy Remy is a gem! Instead of a "flop on the track" I prefer to say it was not his preferred career choice. You two are lucky to have found each other. Good luck with school and you future endeavors.
  • I am jealous of horse he's gorgeous.
  • Hey EliRose! :) Remy is beautiful! Thanks for sharing pictures and the video of him.
  • Ah ha! Now I know why that horse looks so familiar. I know you from another forum. ;)
  • Welcome Lizzie : ) It sounds as if we are lucky to have you as a new member. What a wealth of info and new experiences you have to share! I'm excited to hear all the wonderful stuff you have to offer and very happy that you've chosen us.
    PS Your horse is a wonder, quite the beauty : )
  • caseycasey any racetrack with camera in handMember
    Welcome Lizzie- I absolutely LOVE the photo of him ears pricked looking out and you? looking at him. True love! He's a gorgeous boy!
  • Welcome. Thank you for sharing. Is Remy boarded or is that your own place? I like the first photo very much with the awesome cloud background. Best wishes for success at your summer internship. I have a heavy interest in breeding too and I am taking baby steps towards getting my first broodmare. I would have been looking for a fit for Lucky Pulpit but now he is out of my price range so I will have to rethink.
  • Welcome, EliRose. Did Remy come from After the Races? Just curious, because that's where my sister's OTTBs came from, in PA. He's lovely.
  • Welcome EliRose! You'll find lots of interesting things and topics here on the Forum & Blog too). Just be careful of your feelings (things get a little rough at times) and remember 'don't feed the trolls'...our mantra for not being pulled into unkind remarks and unreliable 'rumors'.
    Remy looks great and happy too! Good luck with him.
  • Hi all!

    Remy actually comes from Track to Tranquility, he was one of the first horses to be adopted out by them.
    I board him out with my college equestrian team, which is where the first two pictures are from :) It is gorgeous!!
    Remy is a very nice boy, although he can be a little turd when he wants to be for sure. I love having him in my life, he's helped a lot with the transition from NJ to MT. We've had some ups and some very serious downs (story for another time, but the short of it is don't trust all BOs to know what they're doing) but I think he's worth it.
    Haha, I've had plenty of experience with trolls in the past ;) I'm coming from a forum pretty filled with them!
  • Hi everyone it's been quite a while since i was on here..
  • Good morning.
  • Happy Birthday VA-in-CA !
  • Thanks, bigherbie. The years keep piling on. Can't believe it sometimes.
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    Happiest of Birthday wishes to VA_in_CA.....have a joyful day
  • Happy Birthday, VA_in_CA!
  • VA_in_CA I hope you had a good birthday
  • Happy Birthday, VA! Hope you had a great day!!
  • Thank you ladies. I'm kind of bummed that 16Z didn't make it out until the day after. Rats. lol
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