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OK, I suppose this will be a thread for the Dead and any other shows people want to discuss.


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    Anyone who gets Mytv (NOT Metv,) the syndicated TWD series is starting tomorrow night at 9 PM with season one, episode one.

    I think Mytv is an affiliate of one of the regular networks... the one that has The Voice on it, the "peacock" network. They air TWO episodes every Wednesday, from 8-10. The 8 PM show tonight is the season four season finale.

    AND, season five is rerunning the whole season starting at 8 Saturday night, leading up to the season finale on Sunday.

    Be there or be square.
  • Woohoo, I'm there! I haven't seen reruns of the entire series in a long time.
  • I don't really need to see any more of the Governor or Terminus, but I'll watch those anyway just for everybody else. I love the way everyone is evolving... and dissolving!
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    The Americans is fantastic! Also liking the dig, the weird Fortitude, Broad church, and the bloody Following. We are also getting 6 new episodes ofX files with original actors. Yeah.
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    I saw that this afternoon about the X-Files. Ok by me.
    Watched episode two of this season's The Following and I'm done with it until James Purefoy is back.
    Tried The Dig, but not my cup of tea. Haven't heard of the others you mentioned... the Americans, yes, but don't know when or where it's on and hate coming into a show like that where I don't know the back story.

    I was into season three of Dead when season five came back from hiatus. Wasn't going to watch it until I caught up with all of the other episodes but AMC ran two full series marathons at the beginning of the year, so I was up to date. Hasn't bothered my watching the previous ones again as they run on Wednesday. Damn it's GOOD!
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    Start the Americans from season 1 and then go on. You might be able to see it onHulu for free. Have to wait for latest season of Homeland when it is more broadly released. Amazon has shows if you want to pay. Also like the soapy Revenge and nutball Scandal. K
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    On dial up. No hulu, no u-tube., no videos period.
    LOVE Scandal... although I really like it more when she and the Prez are together.
    Still don't miss it. Wondering how far they're going to go with Huck.
    Also like Nashville.
    Grimm from time to time.
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    I like Grimm too. Huck / hawk storyline getting weird. Like the MG 13 conspiracy and if they want this soap to go on it won't be exposed. Wife as candidate? HMM
  • I kinda like the new Mellie/Fritz duo. She is definitely presidential material... more so than he! I also like Cyrus with balls.
  • The problem with Grimm is the location. I lived in the Willamette Valley for more than a decade and was in Portland a lot. According to Grimm, I wasn't nearly as tuned in to what actually goes on there as I thought. PLUS it's always dark... as in gray and dim, not night... on the show, but no rain. It rains so much there... a pleasant misty rain rather than a shower or downpour... outside weddings are common and no one gets upset about weather.
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    Well then, you must have liked, I did very much, the rainy and brooding the Killing. Main actors playing detectives stupendous. Very, very wet, grey, and rainy Seattle befitting the rise and fall of plotlines. K
  • Seattle and Portland have TOTALLY different rain. Grimm is set in Portland.
  • I've never watched TWD but a friend has been raving about it for awhile. I checked and get MYTV recorded the 9 o'clock TWD episode tonight but not sure it's the first one. Description of episode read, "Rick searches for his family after emerging from a coma."
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    I've never watched TWD but a friend has been raving about it for awhile. I checked and get MYTV recorded the 9 o'clock TWD episode tonight but not sure it's the first one. Description of episode read, "Rick searches for his family after emerging from a coma."
    I think that's the first one! Yes, I just checked & that's the first. I think it's called "Days gone by" or something similar. I hope you like it. It might take a couple of episodes to get hooked, but I did pretty fast.

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    I forgot that Grimm was in Portland. Oops.
  • Thank you, Louise, I'm ready to get hooked!! I think TV is a wasteland lately and I've been trying to get something to look forward to. :-)
  • @bigherbie, Just be aware that there is VERY graphic violence in this show. If you are the least bit squeamish, you might have a problem.
  • I'm not usually into all the blood splatter and noise, but there is so much of it on Dead, it's easy to ignore. Just like the characters on the show have grown in their walker-biter-roamer experience/ acceptance, so have I. And I think that it is pretty much what the writers/producers had in mind from the start. The show's not about the particular calamity that befell the Earth. It's about the aftermath, whether it be nuclear or N Korea knocking out the internet or Ebola, whatever that might wiped out the government and destroy our infrastructure. The walkers are symbolic of a hundred... hell, a million... things that will make living in a precivilized society a dangerous proposition.
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    Also, after tonight, set your vcr or whatever passes for one these days, for two hours, starting at 8 on Wednesdays.
    The first season was just five episodes.
    The second, thirteen
    and the next three, sixteen each.
    Mytv goes straight through.
  • I remember during the first season, I was thoroughly grossed out a few times with some of the violent scenes. @whoodler is right, though, there is so much of it that it doesn't bother me at all at this point.
  • I love Daryl!!!!
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    Should I take up this show?;
  • @louiscastello I believe you are correct.
  • Another one of my favorite shows is Heartland.
  • Should I take up this show?;
    You should give it a try while they are having reruns of all the episodes. It's hugely popular and highly addictive.

    @CaliforniaChrome, I love Daryl, too, but Rick is my favorite male right now and I adore Carol. Unfortunately, Rick is out of control at the moment, so I'm worried something bad is going to happen to him.

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