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  • So happy for the horse and trainer yesterday - such a feel good wonderul story. This news just makes me so sad about the whole "feel good" story. So sad now and just feel a little jaded. :(
  • According to BH commentators the vet said Runhappy WAS off, as did the exercise rider.

    And, as stated in the spread about Runhappy pre-Sprint, Laura Wohlers knew NOTHING about horses before being made racing manager.
  • And isn't Laura Wohlers the owners sister or daughter-in-law? The whole thing is very fishy.
  • Yeah, she's a family member.

    I'd understand if they pulled Runhappy and gave him to a BNT, but to give him to Laura Wohlers? Are you kidding me?
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    There also seems to be rage from some big names . . .
    Jan. 18, 2015:
    "@DRFHersh Embarrassment from laughable outfit that will never win.
    Pretty sad. Ruined good work of @thomasherding, @petedenk,

    Steve Haskin @SteveHaskin 3 hours ago
    What???? That is disgustingly low even for her, although not a shock.
    Jealousy knows no bounds. Shame on McIngvale."

    Steve Haskin @SteveHaskin 2 hours ago
    She was not going to let you have success. Maybe Mack will finally
    stand up to her/ He'll never get another trainer."

    Racingwithbruno @Racingwithbruno 3 hours ago
    what is up with this woman, Laura Wohlers, IMO Can't train and can't
    manage, yet takes over Runhappy. I fear for the horse

    Racingwithbruno ‏@Racingwithbruno 3 hours ago
    "Shame on you @MattressMack to hand such an awesome animal to an egotistical power hungry individual. Shame on you. Digusting."

    Racingwithbruno ‏@Racingwithbruno 3 hours ago
    @IMariaValentine allegedly not paid 10% of purse stake on Runhappy.
    These people are despicable, do not deserve this wonderful horse"

    ‏@Racingwithbruno 2 hours ago
    "Some people shouldn't have a trainers
    license. and maybe its good time for sport to make it harder for
    incompetent people to train horses
  • Daughter in law
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    Read on one of the links that the plan is to move Runhappy to CA to the Training Facility that is down near San Diego, I forget the name it's something Downs .... and that because Maria didn't want to move because she has a farm in KY, they needed to replace her as the horse's trainer. This may, or may not, be true, but the timing was lousy and seems to have come out of the blue. Very weird. The move to CA was supposedly to prepare him for the Malibu something or other, race. Sorry didn't pay enough attention to the details and now can't remember where I saw it. I do hope the horse won't suffer from all this.
  • The comments on Blood-Horse and other places including the Runhappy facebook page are out of control. I'll bet the owner may be feeling some regret about how this news came out and the timing of it.
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    Runhappy FB page. Comments are super entertaining!
    However, I understand they are deleting comments as fast as they can. No telling how many good ones are left.
  • Ok the malibu is kinda of a big deal and is a race run at 7...hmmmm... were you thinking of San Luis Rey?
    Interesting idea...a race won by Shared Belief last year and a bit of stretching for runhappy.
  • Only 8 minute old comments left.
  • Only 8 minute old comments left.
    Yes and they are blocking people who have made comments including me. Hilarious!

  • Comments are more broad based.
  • Bloodhorse article/comments are crashed it looks like.
  • I saw some of the Bloodhorse comments before it crashed and they were great. These owners have really stepped into a mess.

    Now the FB page is letting negative comments about Maria stay up and the rest get deleted. Luckily they can't delete all social media sites comments.
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    Yes, tincup, it was San Luis Rey Downs. I should have remembered it. I used to have to drive past it on my way to visit a friend in Oceanside, decades ago. The Malibu whatsit may be longer. They are planning to "stretch" him to mile-long races.

    EliRose, I tried to read the article you liked, but the page won't load. Guess it's crashed as well. hahahaha. Or maybe that's the one Louise mentioned. I don't know. Seems pretty crazy. Such fun, in a way.
  • Yeah it crashed haha. The comments were coming much to fast and people were hanging around on the page.
  • Bloodhorse comments are working again! Also, Runhappy FB page went from almost 600 comments to about 23 that aren't too negative. Anything criticizing was deleted and many people blocked from commenting. This is nuts. They think that is going to help matters? It's only made people more mad and commenting more on other sites.
  • Breaking news. Run happy fires entire entourage.
  • Lol
  • Finally, someone with common sense.
    Breaking news. Run happy fires entire entourage.
  • I went to bloodhorse for some update on the Maria B. situation and was shocked at the number of comments and the things people are posting. The whole thing seems to have turned pretty ugly. I wonder what kind of real affect this is having on the connections of Runhappy.
    At first blush , the story of runhappy and his team felt so good. Trying to make a statement about method and drugs. A young trainer just trying to make. Now with backstory and history I`m just confused.
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    At least one member of the family is now in safe hands.

    ETA: To clarify that I'm sure her previous farm did right by her, looking at her she's in the nick of health. Just a comment on poor Runhappy's situation.
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