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    Nothing worse than trying to win your case when there is no written contract and you are relying on an "understanding". Best thing for Maria would be for the defendants to want to settle quickly and quietly out of court. Not sure if the defendants are those type of people.
  • Nothing worse than someone running a business not insisting on a written contract.
  • Too true whoodler. May be the reason Morell might not prevail--or it could go either way if she has email trails that imply written understanding.
  • Probably depends on what contractual law is in Kentucky. Probably have been many similar cases in past.
  • A mind-numbing amount of trainers don't insist on contracts.
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    New article with emails story in PR, maybe BH. Seems like Borell may not win, but Mattress King step up to the plate, and don't be cheap! She got you your first G1 win.
  • I do not think he will step up to the plate. Pretty sure he will go to great lengths to avoid paying her if she loses this.

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    The emails don't seem to support her, but other trainers are. She is a small fish against a whale.
  • Or maybe better analogy is a big white shark. K
  • Good luck to Borell! Seems she is supporting her parents. Hope she gets a good stable going forward.
  • Unfortunately I think she will lose.

    Emails, Texts Released in Borell-Gallery Suit
  • Supposedly employment law takes into consideration whether an employer was clearly taking advantage of an employee. If that's the case, she still might win. It's pretty obvious that the McIngvales were taking advantage of Maria's inexperience in the industry and general naivete. I expect it will be settled out of court though.
  • I agree that THEY certainly knew about contracts and chose to not have one. That does not excuse her. She's not a child and if she's had enough experience to pass herself off as a trainer, she's not naïve. PLUS she had plenty of warning before the BC that they were not honoring their "agreement." Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, y'all come in .
  • She hardly had any experience as a trainer and was afraid she was going to lose her job if she asked about a contract or getting paid. I'm not saying it was smart, but I understand why she did (or didn't do) what she did.
  • She hardly had any experience as a trainer and was afraid she was going to lose her job if she asked about a contract or getting paid. I'm not saying it was smart, but I understand why she did (or didn't do) what she did.
    I agree. She wasn't a baby, but apparently very naive. That's not a sin. Also, the owners shamelessly promoted her as the trainer to Bloodhorse and NBC. They certainly never denied she was the "real" trainer until after the firing.

  • Those were the "add everybody to the lawsuit" the lawyer could think of. Bogus move, and judge's decision entirely predictable.:)
  • Just her now vs. Mattress King party.
  • A few comments after the above story...

    Trooper Seven...A few definitions: Private trainer means you receive a salary and pay NO expenses. No commission. You are not allowed to train other horses. Public trainer means you receive a day rate from which you pay expenses and you are rightfully entitled to 10% of any purses won. Pretty simple. She was either a private trainer or a public one. No in-between. HINT: she never paid a single expense. Not a one. There is your answer. All else in noise.

    Roark...Dude, she had the best job in the industry. She made $45k in 6 months without ever even having to buy the peppermints. Not a shred of risk. An all expenses paid trip to SAR for a week. Not bad for an 0-22 trainer who ran her own horses on Lasix.

    I was at TTC throughout, and John Kno above absolutely nailed it. Maria let Mack's team of advisors drive the ship, and they drove it into a BC win and Eclipse, which would have launched her career into the stratosphere. Instead she threw it all away in the hopes of making a quick buck or two.

    John Kno...I posted my opinion and knows on the Blood Horse which I'm going to post back here as I think is fair for the public to read opinion from people that are closer to the actual ways things took place, know the characters in question and so on...

    1) There is a lot of support for MARIA BORELL fromthe public eye and even those in racing, given that MAC does not have a good reputation AS BEING A GOOD EMPLOYER.

    2) Nonetheless, it CANNOT be question that MAC and his team does take good care of their animals. He has come under scrutiny for JOGGING his horses after a race. I’m sorry to inform but some of the greatest trainers especially in the old days have commonly practice this method. An EXAMPLE: Carl Nafzger; some of his horses will jog at the track the day after the race, and then just walked them the following 2/3 days.

    3) The fact that RUNHAPPY runs without MEDS is a decision that comes from MAC’s team, and not BORELL. However, upon RUNHAPPY success, BORELL took advantage of MAC’S decision in a few occasions by publicly said that she likes to run her horses’ drug free. SMART MOVE on her part I probably do the same. However, go look at her previous career starts with other horses and you find that she runs horses in MEDS just like most other trainers do. And but the way a career that includes no prior wins.

    4) So let me ask you: Why in the world MAC will hire MARIA BORELL??? In a "perfect world" any trainer will love to work for MAC: After all he has any trainers’ dream -expensive young horses-, their horses get the 5-star treatment as far as the best feed, the best supplements, the best bedding, the best stalls, the best groom, the best vet, acupunctures, massages, etc., simply put nothing goes amiss. But with that been said, MAC’s operation comes with a high level of MICROMANAGEMENT, and NO experience trainer likes that, therefore the explanation behind the 28 previous trainers in the old man’s agenda.

    5) So for those that TRULY know the connections, we know that they need it someone that:

    a. Had a trainer’s license,
    b. Needed a job,
    c. Would do what “he/she” was told, NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS, and
    d. Lastly, WELL, only UNTIL they think they are ready for trainer number 30. PERIOD. Therefore BORELL (who, but the way, is NO naïve to any business affairs relating to horses), knew that there was no way that a millionaire owner with expensive horses, will jump to hire because she was a brilliant trainer that is yet to win a race in two years.
    (lots more for this one...)

  • Well...if those guys are right, she punched herself in the nose...
  • NOW how excited y'all gonna get about this innocent victim?

    One-Two Knockout Punch: Trainer Of Breeders’ Cup Sprint Runner-Up Also Sacked
    by Ray Paulick | 11.15.2015 | 10:58am

    First it was Maria Borell, the trainer of Grade 1 Breeders’ Cup Sprint winner, Runhappy, who was fired by the horse’s owner, James “Mattress Mack” McIngvale, one day after the Oct. 31 race. Now, the Paulick Report has learned, Jorge Navarro, trainer of Sprint runner-up Private Zone, also has been sacked.

    According to a source close to the Navarro stable, the 6-year-old gelding by Macho Uno was moved without explanation from Rene Douglas, managing partner of owner Good Friends Stable, to trainer Brian Lynch.

    It wouldn’t be the first time Private Zone changed hands.

  • One of the comments after this story on paulick said:
    I wouldn't want to be the trainer of the THIRD place finisher.
  • Runner up...
  • Great comment. That is just too funny.
    One of the comments after this story on paulick said:
    I wouldn't want to be the trainer of the THIRD place finisher.
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