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  • Took me a minute. Haha.
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    In the distant, you could hear the heavy and light ring through the brush. Old mossy still held the lead and everyone ate and slept with a comfort for one night. An easy sound...a comfortable sound...but even with the giant on the lead, the watchful did not sleep.
  • He is scheduled to run in the Malibu Stakes on December 26th at Santa Anita. Laura Wohlers is his trainer.
  • I guess I don't get in the first place why Mattress King chose Morell to be trainer of record for Runhappy. She had a sparse record. Why did he replace Wohlers?
  • Wohlers has exactly 0 ability to train. She had never led a horse before being installed as the racing manager or whatever her title is.
  • Didn't they supposedly hire Borell to rehab the horse after Wohlers ran him injured? I don't know how Borell ended up being named trainer after that. But, I notice the mattress king let all the publicity get out there praising Maria. The whole thing is confusing. I have mixed feelings now after all the crazy stories out there. I just hope Runhappy stays healthy and they take good care of him.
  • Well she ran a green as grass horse in a graded stakes and he suffered a stress fracture because of it. Wohlers, according to the pre-BC article, had to go back to help run the store. Wonder Woman, she is! Running a furniture store and feeling 100,000 legs in about ten years ;)

    "From that group [Zito's horses] came a lone graded stakes winner, Laydown. A rash of unfortunate injuries had McIngvale "firing Gulfstream Park" and taking horses away from Zito and sending them to Kentucky to be managed by Wohlers, who heads Gallery Furniture's service department.

    "I didn't know anything," Wohlers can say now with a laugh. "I didn't know how to pick a foot or even walk a horse. I was a crazy woman; it was disastrous. I was just here (at the Kentucky Training Center just north of Lexington) to try to manage the barn. We wanted to run it more like a business.""

    Sorry, but they're nothing but fools.
  • They were table legs.
  • Wohlers has a long record of wins in Equibase with $$ in winnings.
  • Wohlers has a long record of wins in Equibase with $$ in winnings.
    29 wins over 8 years with stock worth 20 million dollars is a long record of wins?

    Damn, I'm going to quit my day job and get in on this.
  • Yeah, her average earnings per start is a pathetic $3219. She's admitted herself that she's not a horse person and tries to run the barn like she runs a business.
  • That's a terrible win record.
  • long as in over a number of years. I am in no way endorsing her as a trainer.
  • Wohler's stats:

    2015 Statistics

    Starts: 5
    Firsts: 0
    Seconds: 0
    Thirds: 0
    Earnings: $6,435
    Avg. Earnings Per Start: $1,287

    Career Statistics:

    Starts: 239
    Firsts: 29
    Seconds: 21
    Thirds: 28
    Earnings: $769,396
    Avg. Earnings Per Start: $3,219

    2015 5 0 0 0 $6,435
    2014 4 2 1 0 $43,540
    2010 11 2 2 2 $25,259
    2008 8 1 0 2 $12,682
    2007 70 3 4 9 $161,620
    2006 60 6 4 4 $196,845
    2000 70 12 8 9 $252,825
    1999 11 3 2 2 $70,190
  • She does not have bad percentages in her wins, places, and shows. I guess from what people have commented, she had stellar horses. Just don't understand the family decisions, or the choice of Morello. How did they choose her? Not dissing her at all. It is all so ambiguous. K
  • Who is Morello? Is this a new trainer they've hired?
  • Who is Morello? Is this a new trainer they've hired?
    I think she means Borell??

  • Who is Morello? Is this a new trainer they've hired?

    I think she means Borell??

  • Typo and brain fart. Sorry.:)
  • For certain, I mean Borell. How did she come on their radar? Story board just seems wacky (back story). K
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    Laugh with me! Many Italians in my family by marriage. Don't know if Morell name has any Italian roots. Actually may be French?
  • For certain, I mean Borell. How did she come on their radar? Story board just seems wacky (back story). K
    Everybody is on everybody's radar on the backside. Any venue with animals is known as a small world, horse show jumping, dog shows, quarter-horses, rodeos and the backside is even tighter knit.

    I spent part of a summer break up on the backside between highschool and college. Three weeks. I went up to stay with the assistant trainer to the trainer I had worked on the farm for, for years, to give her a bit of help with the 6 horses she had stabled there and just for some fun.

    I had money to pay for my food, I stayed at the track in a one room apartment with her and that was about it. I mostly did the ground work for her, 2 of the horses with her were rehabs, 1 was actively running, 1 was a stable pony and 2 were 2 year olds in training. When I did ride, I rode 1 of the two year olds.

    That was 1 horse, out on the track once a day.

    Before the end of the first week, it had already spread across the entire backside that while I was no buggirl, I had a definite way of getting a young horse to come up under themselves and use their hind end. Started picking up exercise mounts left and right, I had to turn some down because I had my chores to do!

    But all in all it was a nice bit of pocket/fun money. More to the point, it's an illustration of how quickly someone can come up on the radar on the backside.

    Borell obviously had a reputation as someone who needed money and needed it quick. If she is deep in debt with tack stores, vets, feed stores and the like, you can bet that talk was all over every horse fly in Kentucky.

    That kind of desperation doesn't ask questions (as a rule) and doesn't say no when someone shows up with a lot of promises and a $1000.00 week check in their hand. Often times that kind of person doesn't rock the boat when told to do things a certain way or just be a figure head.

    Borell was the perfect mark for an outfit like Mattress Mack and Mattress Mack wouldn't have had to investigate too far to find her.
  • Oh my...The Malibu
    So...runhappy will try a stretch out to seven furlongs. This is a list of Malibu hopefuls....

    Union Jackson
    El kabeir
    Iron fist
    Hehehe...picked a pretty stout spot and will deserve all accolades for a win. I do....
  • Gary Stevens will replace Edgar Prado (who is currently injured) as Runhappy's jockey in the Malibu. I love him and the horse, but man do I still despise his owner and "trainer."
  • Runhappy Untouchable in Malibu Victory

    Controversy aside, Runhappy is still a monster.
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