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  • Lol. Got to love that microwavable popcorn now.
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    A "Souper Miss"(2005f) Results In A Bad "Bean Soup"(2008f)!

    Years ago my husband and I went to a local cafe to have breakfast. I ordered my favorite, a delicious, hearty cup of Portuguese Bean soup and coffee. My husband ordered short stack pancakes with coffee.

    As we were busy talking, I needed to add some more cream in my coffee as it was a bit too strong for me. Intent on our discussion, without looking at what I was grabbing...instead of reaching for the creamer, I accidentally grabbed a similar looking container that contained maple syrup and poured it into my cup of Portuguese Bean soup instead of my coffee cup! ...YUCK!

    I was too embarrassed to re-order another cup of soup. I destroyed a delicious, savory soup with sugary syrup! My husband was practically falling off his chair when he saw my "yuck" face and found out what I had done! :oP

  • That is hilarious, PG. Too funny.

    Speaking of restaurant disasters, I once went to a luncheon for a farewell occasion for a colleague. It was at a nice restaurant in Santa Ana and we were all Women Marines in uniform. I'm not sure when the disaster occurred. Since it involved alcoholic beverages, I guess it was at the beginning, but not sure. Anyway the waitress brought a tray full of Bloody Marys for us to toast the celebrant. There were probably at least 15 glasses on the tray. Somehow when she went to put the tray on the tray rest, the waitress managed to tip the tray and pour the entire contents of the ice cold drinks down my back. Yikes! That was cold, and tomato-ey. After lunch, I had to go home and change into a clean uniform, which pissed me off. Fortunately, it was summer.
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    LOL! @VA_in_CA...AAAhhhh! that brings chills down my spine!

    You could title your story:
    A COLD "BLOODY MARY" (1964f)
    "CHILLING!" (2013f) but I like
    "SPINAL TIP" the best!

    AUWE! Btw...After that "Tip"...Did she get a "tip" from you?
  • You would have loved my father. He was quite the punster, too.

    I think the Captain left a tip from all of us. She may have paid the whole bill, I can't remember. Of course the waitress felt terrible and kept apologizing, so while shivering with the cold ice cubes and tomato juice and vodka running down me, I had to keep saying, "no, that's all right" etc, etc, etc, and being a "good sport" about it. Bleah.
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    LOL! Yes your father sounds like a guy with a great sense of humor! Wasn't he an artist as well? A creative mind indeed! :oD

    But for real...these "disgrace" stories for the thread should start with a title...can be whatever you like, a fractured movie title for example. But the best fun challenge, so we can keep "on track" about horses in our forum... is to use a racehorse's name(s) or a fun/funky derivative of the horse's name. :oD

    Forgot to add...
    This thread doesn't have to deal with only "disgraces" (anecdotes) in regards to food...but to everyday life as well. At work, at play, while commuting, while sleeping, etc.

  • Yes, my father was an artist.
    Sorry, I don't know that many racehorses, so am handicapped at thinking up names of horses to use for titles.
    Also, not good at remembering movie titles off the top of my head. Sorry.
    I am good at telling anecdotes. I don't like to tip the reader off to the end either. So. Sorry can't title mine in the clever fashion you do.
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    Yes, my father was an artist.
    Sorry, I don't know that many racehorses, so am handicapped at thinking up names of horses to use for titles.
    Also, not good at remembering movie titles off the top of my head. Sorry.
    I am good at telling anecdotes. I don't like to tip the reader off to the end either. So. Sorry can't title mine in the clever fashion you do.
    Hi @VA_in_CA...I apologize if adding a title to your story would cause you undue stress. :o(

    Everyone has their own strengths and skills in their own field..for me I'm very weak in literature. Perhaps I should have used the example of a book title instead of a movie title? idk. A phrase from your first sentence would have also worked great without revealing your ending. Note: I'm using these alternative examples only as a suggestion in the future. We'd love to read more of your fun stories in the future! ❤

    I was just trying to gather a fun collection of members "disgraces" (anecdotes) like a book of poetry or a book of short stories...where each poem/story has a title. This way when we can easily refer back to find your story. Again, I'm sorry if you felt pressured to come up with only a race theme or movie related title as that was not my intention. ❤
  • No, didn't feel pressured. Just wasn't going to do it. Not being stubborn. Just not my forte.

    I posted an update photo of the buckskin mom and colt at Hi Caliber on Worthy. Also a funny video they took. Clever one, too.
  • I'm sorry you feel that way. :o(
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  • Weird.
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    Too bad the entry entitled "Tapit" by @marepower was deleted.The story was perfectly fine in this "disgrace" discussion...nothing weird at all...just a "duh" moment we all have every once in awhile. ❤

    I "think" VA_in_CA meant the freezing of the screen was a weird tech issue, I don't think she meant the story was weird.

    I found humor in the incident...I visualized marepower persistently "tapping on" the ad that said Tap Here on her monitor/phone, only to find it was a frozen glitch on her screen with a partially loaded view of Tapit in the background. :oD
  • Yes, I meant the freezing of the screen was weird. I didn't understand the story, but it looked choppy, like part of it was missing. ???
  • No ladies, nothing taken by it, was trying to add something and just got very frustrated. My computer has been really weird lately. Went 24 hours with no services at all supposedly due to a train hitting the main line in Mt Olive, Illinois. This is why it is hard to learn to upload pics. sadly technology 1, marepower 0
  • Putting pictures on the Forum is ridiculously complicated. So much easier to do with email or facebook. Just click on the attach icon, then select the picture from your picture file and there it is.
  • You're right VA. I think I posted one photo on here and I've already forgotten how. It's way too complicated for me.
  • I've done it so much now that I've got it down to where I can do it very quickly. But sometimes when I'm tired, it's just too overwhelming.
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    Yes, for VA_in_CA posting images is now like driving a car... but it still takes concentration...more so if you try to drive when you're tired. LOL! Technology as a whole is wonderful compared to the old forms of communication before Steve Jobs/Bill Gates/Zuckerberg came along. But it can be extremely frustrating when we deal with system glitches or we suffer from user error and can't figure out why the darn thing doesn't work...Bring out the baseball bat! :o(

    But, no worries...@lousecastello and @marepower, that's why this particular discussion does not involve posting any images...see the first (introduction) posting on page 1. :oD

    A side note: Way back, I asked kylea if there was an easier way to post direct images on this forum so others can easily share their photos...similar to uploading images into facebook, attaching a photo when texting, or even how Craigslist has a simple "click" option to add photos direct from your computer's picture folder. But unfortunately, kylea said the way the forum is set up, it is not possible other than using a separate image hosting site and not do the quick (but unethical) option of hot-linking images from someone else's website, etc. :o(

    Anyway...let's get back on topic...:oD

    Turn "Havre...a Disgrace" into "Laughter"!
    Laughter (1970f) was the dam of millionaire champion Private Terms (1985c)

    Thanks everyone for all your "disgrace" stories so far! Keep them rolling in.
    I know at the time, these "disgraces" were not a laughing matter, but it's great to look back and find humor in it! And...Laughing is "very healthy" in our times of stress and life's burdens. To share the laughter with others...even better!

    Doctors say...Laughing is Good For Your Health!
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