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    jen_bloom said:

    Thanks, Paniolo_Gal! (blushes)
    A collection of famous greys would have been a wonderful idea. But as you can now see, this is not that collection.

    I'm totally impressed that @louisecastello got Lady's Secret from that teeny tiny butt!

    Yes...I ate track dirt when that bay butt got posted.
  • Don't sit out @Paniolo_Gal. My mind is blank on this one. I love how your mind works. You notice every little detail and all I see is a bay butt.
  • Don't sit out @Paniolo_Gal. My mind is blank on this one. I love how your mind works. You notice every little detail and all I see is a bay butt.

    But it's not fair to the others...I love to see everyone win and place their 5 choices for us to pick our brains on. I think I know the horse. But let's give others a chance too!

    btw...@louisecastello, I was going to input Lady's Secret too but you beat me to it! I figured this grey horse was from the past as RR12 had a hard time finding a larger image...usually happens when it's not a racehorse making the recent news these days. Anyway, that's how I work my brain.

    I'll PM you with my guess however...hey hey
  • Noooo @Paniolo_Gal, this must be a fair game for everyone =)
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    So do you want my guess...I was letting others have a chance to guess. Me...I try to do a logical deduction with the details I see in the photo(s). I've already gave my guestimate to louise. Wait...louisecastello also won too! So her guess shouldn't count either.

    Anyway...I am making a logical guess that it's RA's little filly that's making news...Rachel's Valentina!

    Here's my thinking as an update I gave to louisecastello...
    I have a feeling because the high resolution of this photo is real clear (even if reduced in your butt image), that it's a recent photo of a current racer...earlier digital cameras do not have this high pixel count to still show fine sand/dirt specks. I noticed the sand/dirt from the track around the stifle area and the feminine flowers indicate a filly's race and she is standing in the winner's circle. I'm guessing Rachel's Valentina as she's making a lot of news currently. Songbird is too dark a bay...Also, we already used Beholder's butt earlier.
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    To clarify: Winners of previous rounds can vote on other rounds, as long as it's not their picks! They can also win subsequent rounds of the game.
  • But yes, @Paniolo_Gal is correct, it is Rachel's Valentina!

    3 points to @Paniolo_Gal!
  • And now, for our next butt!

    Alright! Whose butt is this? =)
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    I have an excuse right now...I have to do research on a project so am leaving for the afternoon (HNL time). Have fun everyone! Look very carefully at the photo to see if you can find any details that will help...then use your knowledge to narrow down your choices.
  • Noooo @Paniolo_Gal, this must be a fair game for everyone =)

    She told me her guess which is why I didn't make a guess. I knew it wouldn't be fair, but I was just interested in how she noticed so much detail. I'm obviously not very observant. Haha.

  • Cozmic One?
  • Cozmic One?

    Nope :)
  • Bernardini?
  • Nope ^.^
  • Paynter?
  • Nope, not Paynter :)
  • Alright! Guesses are closed until tomorrow! Everyone have a good night =)
  • Alright everyone! Guesses are now open :)
  • Einstein
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  • Nope! Alright, your first riddle:

    "My sire's shadow was cast upon me. And indeed, my sire I would never be. However, I still made my own way, and had risen from that shadow and made my own name."
  • Jesse's dream?
  • Nope, not Jess's Dream :)
  • Tizway
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