The Lighter Side of US Politics

Since most everyone's mind is on the Olympics for the next couple of weeks, I thought I would provide a place for occasional lighthearted updates on the wacky world of US politics.

This election, and the campaigns that are currently underway, promise to be among the most contentious in our history. Things are already schorching along. So, I thought we could use a place to post some of the lighter items from the news, story misprints or overheard, kids' understanding of the election, jokes, whatever tickles the funnybone. I'll start it off, but jump right in and let's enjoy!

If anyone has been watching Stephen Colbert, he has some pretty funny stuff on youtube. There are a number of short clips that made me laugh right out loud. If you like Colbert, they are worth a look.

I was just going to give a brief summery of who is or isn't voting for who. But it pretty quickly took on the look of instructions in a box labeled "some assembly required. Not outrageously funny, but it is a start. Here goes:

Is was announced today that a group of Conservative Republicans have recruited a former CIA staffer and top House GOP aide to launch an independent White House bid -- Evan McMullin opened his bid for the White House Monday morning, announcing on his website: "It's never too late to do the right thing. And if we work together, there's nothing we can't achieve."

The new independent candidate will garner the votes of conservative Republicans who do not support Trump but who don't want to support another established political party, either. Then, there are Republicans who will be voting for Clinton. Others will be voting Libertarian. Some Democrats will be voting Republican and some Libertarian. No word yet on if any Democrats will be voting independent.

There is a mixed group in the middle who may abstain unless it looks like the wrong candidate is surging ahead. Then, they will vote for the losing candidate in an effort to help them win.

There are the undecided, who will be lucky to figure any of this out by election day.

And there are ads running that are encouraging voters to support the other party's presidential candidate, as they themselves intend to do. One republication even stated that he may do a write-in candidate.

Those used to voting a straight party can still do that, but who knows what that will even mean by election day.

Those accustomed to leaving things for the last minute, might want to start sorting things out just a bit earlier this election, say about...Now!

And finally, those who are generally clueless about politics have as much chance of getting it right as anybody else in this election, so be sure to get out there and vote.


  • McMullin is an idiot.
    Less useful then a rock.
  • tincup said:

    McMullin is an idiot.
    Less useful then a rock.

    But may some day be involved in the government take down of Trump.
  • We never did get lighter did we?
  • KMMKMM Member
    edited April 2020
    It depends on whose humor you find funny. A lot of fodder all around, but people laugh at different things. We could talk about the range of humor, from puns to sarcasm.

    Much of it depends on point of view, too.
  • What I'm seeing way too much of is hate presented as humor.
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