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Arrogate: History Can Work Both Ways

From: Hangin' With Haskin

Question: How good is Arrogate and do you think he can beat California Chrome in the Breeders’ Cup Classic?

Answer: I’ll let you know around the three-sixteenths pole.


  • Oh fiddle stix
    Can we move all the posts from the other thread over here ? argh
    Its about time for his own thread.
    Fun fact
    Looking at Arrogates pedigree brought me to Meadow Star.
  • KMMKMM Member
    I don't have enough power right now in phone to look at MS pedigree.
  • She`s a beautiful`ll like her.
  • KMMKMM Member
    Is she an US?
  • Yep....Winner of the acorn and the Mother Goose....she`s a sweetie
    !,500,000. million dollor winner in the late eighties.
    Big Hair......
  • Ok...had to laugh....
    Big hair.....
    remember the Eighties?....I loved big hair....
  • KMMKMM Member
    I never had big hair; just big shoulder pads under sweaters, which, in retrospect, were pretty funny. Going up in an elavator in the 1980s, when I was a paralegal and worked in one of towers, got off of the 45th floor, and had a growth on the outside of my shoulder; one of those Velcro shoulder pads. So ugly, and nobody told me. When I found out; totally embarrassed as a young professional in my mid twenties. Major fashion faux pas in the day. Haha.
  • Shoulder loved it.
    I always did laundry...just something I always did. Those shoulder pads used to drive me crazy...I could never figure out which went to which and would have a
  • KMMKMM Member
    You made me do homework after phone charged. Grandmother; great dam line! Good luck to Arrogate! Those US are precocious. Hope there is soundness from damkine. K
  • BREEDERS' CUP WORKOUT: Arrogate (10/25/16):
  • tincuptincup Member
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    After Chromes latest workout, I`m convinced there isnt a horse I know in America that he will not beat on BC day. He`s as strong as he`s ever been and am sure he`ll be better then the Pacific Classic. That was a huge race.
    I`m not knocking Frosted. He`s a horse that I regularly play and have been rewarded and disappointed as is the way in horse racing. i just dont think this is an ideal place for him or his trainer. So if I have decided that no known American can beat him, why do I feel a sense of foreboding? Could it be Found?
    Its my belief right now , that Aiden is playing to a particular race scenario. He thinks he see`s the same race shape that brought keen ice a grade 1 win, catching a tired and low oxygen American Pharo. Because the same fear had gripped me, I find it revealing.
    But who is going to provide the relentless fractions.
    Arrogate is an unknown. Lightly raced, yet coming off a performance that will be talked about for years. Its not like we havent seen those kind of performances before. Many oldtimers talk of some great races of the past that werent repeated, but there are a few from the near past. Constitution at inclusion in that whatever, dang I cant remember the race. Both those races were careers.
    can Arrogate repeat that performance ? everyone wants to know.
    I was watching the above workout, and thinking about Mor spirit, but watching Arrogate. At first I wasnt really that impressed, yet there was something. Maybe the turn of foot.....cant teach that
    Maybe it was the targeting...cant teach that
    Then I got it.
    Can you see how low he gets, eating up ground...getting faster, getting lower...Thats a dude with heart and style.
    Theres a lot of work to do discovering this new shooter for chrome. Lots of old times spent with Unbridled, lots of time with Unbridleds Song.
    One thing they used to say....Pure talent? nothing ever seen...I`m going to have fun revisiting some of the old articles. Feel the day gone like it was today. If I find something fun I will share it with you.
  • KMMKMM Member
    Thanks tincup, for your thoughts. How will found do on dirt?,who are the pacesetters?
  • Are you going to the races, tincup?
  • VA_in_CA said:

    Are you going to the races, tincup?

    Truth ? I dont know. Lizzie wanted to buy tickets some time ago and I convinced her to stay here at the man cave for the races. The fact is, all the races are better on the screens then at the track, yet there`s nothing in the world like a huge race live. I`m conflicted.
    I`m starting to lean going.
  • VA_in_CAVA_in_CA Member
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    I'm going on Friday. I hope to see Beholder and Songbird in person. Runhappy will be running on Friday, too, along with Dortmund. Two of Friday's races will be on Turf. I'll watch the race online in replay Friday night. hahaha
  • Yeah, the friday races are pretty exciting. Beholder is beautiful...Lizzie and I could almost touch her in the Pacific classic last year.

    Fascinating article about Arrogate and his missing teeth!
  • Great article! Thanks for sharing.
  • edited November 2016
    Arrogate Doing Well After Classic Victory
    By: Bloodhorse Staff
    Nov. 6th, 2016 3:58 pm

    "Breeder's Cup Classic (gr. I) winner Arrogate came out of the race in good condition, trainer Bob Baffert said Nov. 6, the morning after the climactic end to the World Championships."

    Read more:
  • Arrogate also looks like he might be headed for a rematch with California Chrome in the Pegasus World Cup.
  • Dam of Arrogate, 'Chrome' Top Hips to Watch
    By: Ron Mitchel
    Nov. 6th, 2016 4:11 pm

    "With Arrogate’s scintillating victory over Horse of the Year California Chrome in the $6 million Breeders’ Cup Classic (gr. I) fresh in the minds of buyers, the dams of both horses are among the top horses to watch during Fasig-Tipton’s November sale."

    Read more:
  • Breeders’ Cup Classic RACE REPLAY
    Breeders’ Cup World Championships
    Published on Nov 5, 2016
    Arrogate runs down California Chrome in the final yards of the Breeders’ Cup Classic at Santa Anita Park on November 5, 2016.
  • Article from September
    Arrogate just getting started
    By Jay Privman Daily Racing Form 09/02/2016
    DEL MAR, Calif. – A few days after Arrogate arrived back at Del Mar following his victory last Saturday in the Travers Stakes at Saratoga, trainer Bob Baffert brought him out of his stall to show visitors. Baffert joked that Arrogate was “the fastest horse in the world,” then got out a measuring stick to see how tall Arrogate currently stood – just over 16-2 hands, if you’re scoring at home – before remarking about Arrogate’s steel-gray coat, “He looks a lot like Spectacular Bid.”
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