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  • I would have never ever have believed Zenyatta would have a colt that doesn't want to race, a colt that's too small, a filly that passed away, a colt that passed away, and a filly weak in the leg area. It's just so sad.
  • Just hope she has the same success at the track as did her fellow club foot, Easy Goer!
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    shirlee said:

    Just hope she has the same success at the track as did her fellow club foot, Easy Goer!

    I would rather she emulate "The Clubfooted Comet"....not a true clubfoot but I believe his hoof was so deformed from an accident that he limped when walking...however, Assualt took the Triple Crown in 1946 "clubfoot" and all
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    The last time I checked on the Jockey Club status for Z17 the Recent Registration Activity was listed as Pending. Today the status is Received and in Progress.

    BTW: It was really hard to find this Thread. Looked under Zenyatta...nothing. Looked under Thoroughbred Breeding...nothing. Found under General Interest. Is there any point to having Categories? I miss the former format where the Category was listed and highlighted and the comments were under the Category.
  • New photos on blog. Her smeared star makes it look like she has grey in her
  • Not much to see. :'(
  • I feel really guilty for looking at that first pic of 17Z and thinking, "wow, she's almost bigger than Ziconic already!" Of course an exaggeration, but she's growing fast. I'm grateful for what they did chose to share. I'm already guessing on colt for Zenyatta in 2018. I know she's walking in those photos and still has a long way to go in the pregnancy, but @Paniolo_Gal theory has been right for the past three foals thus far. At least we know the baby will be bay again -- no guessing there. lol
  • I guess that I thought that the pictures were sparse; I wanted more.
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    I had the same thought, and I confess a dose of sour grapes.....photos of horses cut off at the knees and photos of horses off in the distance. I looked, thought ho hum, then moved on.
    KMM said:

    Not much to see. :'(

  • We are forever unsatisfied with what they give us. I'm happy we get a blog with weekly updates. So far almost every Friday has been a new post.
  • Guilty as charged.
    Rachel said:

    We are forever unsatisfied with what they give us. I'm happy we get a blog with weekly updates. So far almost every Friday has been a new post.

  • Looks like the baby might have her mama's butt. Ha! She looks good.
  • Moved Discussion on Z17 being premature to this Discussion Thread.

    I remember jaefeathered did a pretty good analysis on the due date of Z17.

    My guess is [that Zenyatta will foal] sometime in early June. The Moss's said that she was first bred to Medaglia d'Oro on May 2nd, where they then said she would be checked in 15 days to see if she was in foal. They didn't announce that she was in foal until July 7th, though, which makes me think that she had to go back to him more than once to get in foal. Assuming they told us at the 15 day marker, that would mean that Zenyatta was last bred to Medaglia d'Oro on or around June 22nd.

    Zenyatta's previous pregnancies took:
    - Cozmic One --- 341 days
    - Ziconic --- 344 days
    - Z Princess --- 347 days
    - War Front colt --- 355 days

    That gives us an approximate range of May 29th-June 12th.

    However, the horse gestation period can be anywhere from 320-370 days, with an average of 340. This puts the earliest likely date (again, assuming the pregnancy was announced 15 days after she was bred to Medaglia d'Oro) at May 8th, with the latest likely date at June 27th.

    She was foaled on May 9th. Wow @jaefeathered! In hindsight was a great analysis!
    Zenyen said:

    I forgot or never knew that Z17 was premature.

    Zenyen said:

    2017 foaled Z17, premature filly.

    She wasn't premature the way Groupie Doll's first Tapit colt was, but she was reported as being 2 - 3 weeks early.

    That's what made it possible for them to pursue breeding Zenyatta for 2018.
  • Go ahead and put this here also

    “Dottie [Ingordo, racing manager for owners Jerry and Ann Moss] picked the horse, and it seems like he's become pretty important along the way,” Jerry Moss told the DRF.

    The filly came out fine, a little earlier than expected. We thought we were going to give her a year off and get her a little earlier next time, but we decided to try her once, and if it happened, we'd go with it, and if it didn't, it didn't, and it took.”

  • I am thinking "club foot" for horse is not the same as human. Can someone break it down for me. In humans, a foot/ankle is misshapen for some reason and can be easily corrected with a series of casts on the lower legs....usually back to normal by 9mo or so. At least this is what happened up to 2010 when I retired from nursing

    Here is an image of how to "correct" a club foot in a horse, including the bone structure of the horses' hoof:

    And here is a good comparison: a horse who has a normal hoof, and a clubfoot on its' left front leg; exactly like Little Bean:

    @Zenyen is right in saying it is easily corrected with a proper ferrier, as you have also stated it is in humans :)

    Hi, what is the chance of ringbone happening with this? Same thing happened to a friends black QH filly, started the clubfoot, had a farrier out constantly, but as she became much more mature it came back then turned into the horrendous ringbone (sp?) She ended up limping so bad that I believe they had to put her down. So sad. I hope they caught this in time!
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    New photos on the blog
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    Filly has wonderful eyes.
  • She really is filling out nicely and I like that she looks "girly".
  • She looks so much like her Mom.
    The head and coloring are similar.
    I do like the red highlights.
  • I love her mane. She looks more like MdO to me though.
  • Soulful eyes ...
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    Does anyone recall about how far into their yearling year the names for Coz and Zi were announced? Can you believe it's going on four years since Zeny last had a foal get a registered name?
  • April
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    If that is a recent picture, she seems small for a yearling, but then we must remember she is really only 9 months old. It could even be a picture from December's visit by the Zenyatta team, which would have her at only 7 months. So we can't really know what her size is. Sigh. Guess we'll just have to cultivate patience. She is definitely all filly.
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