Zenyatta's Waiting Room 2018 (Into Mischief x Zenyatta)



  • Lioness said:

    Frankly, I think there would be more excitement if the updates were more frequent. That's not a knock on anyone, and I am thankful for what they do share. That being said, it's hard to feel anticipation for something when we get little droppings here and there once every other month or so. You feel less apart of it, and i think that's what we are seeing with the "quiet" waiting room.

    i agree Lioness. With less blog entries and less updates generally, I've been coming here and reading and mourning the loss of a once busy place.
    I hope it picks up as Zenyatta's due date approaches.

    I've been watching all the mares and foals on Foal Patrol and also The People's Horse cam for California Chrome's baby, and I do wish they'd consider Zen for one. It would be so much fun!

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    Eight days? I thought I read "mid/late May, early June".
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    Zenyatta's previous pregnancies took:
    - Cozmic One --- 341 days
    - Ziconic --- 344 days
    - Z Princess --- 347 days
    - War Front colt --- 355 days
    - Medaglia d'Oro filly --- ???

    So based on her history, that leaves us with an estimate of May 10-May 24th. Sometime in May essentially xD

    Went back to the top of this thread for jaefeathered's estimate of the due date.

    April is almost over. It's been so cold here that I feel like it's still early March, so the fact that it's almost May is blowing my mind a little bit.
  • Reading on another thread, I think the eight days is in reference to a good start date for an official count down. Works for me.

    Eight days? I thought I read "mid/late May, early June".

  • Is it Pacing time now???? Will it be a Colt or a Filly??? No guess on Color but will the foal have lots of white markings or just enough??? It is April 30th the first possible foaling date.
    Here's to a safe and uneventful foaling for the Queen and her soon to be Z-18 foal may the foal not be into to much Mizzzzzchief on it's arrival.
  • I think the pacing should start on Mother's Day, May 13th and the baby foal, a colt, will be born on May 19, the Preakness and Armed Forces Day.
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    Oh Especially_Horses that would be a wonderful day for Zenyatta to foal a fine Foal. Though I wish she'd have another filly by her looks in the few Photos of her on her birthday she is way left sided and wide. I would love to see another nice blazed face like Ziconic has, and nice white hinds but not to much white as I know that white hooves are considered a hindrance in keeping the hooves sound and able to take the pounding of the track verses a dark hoof.

    I have to agree with them as I had a much harder time keeping the white hooves of my last Pinto mare in top shape while her one dark hoof was easy. Also found I had to re-trim her white hooves almost two weeks before her dark hoof needed any trimming.
  • I want another filly, but setting myself up not to be disappointed when it's a colt. :)
  • I don't care either way. I just hope it's healthy, stays healthy and hopefully will make it to the races as a winner.
  • Would be nice to get an update. The last Blog post was April 1. I'm not in the camp, with some others, regarding that Zeny has to be in a bubble (so to speak) right before her due date. She doesn't know that information is being shared about her.
  • RachelRachel Member
    I'm secretly hoping for an Oaks Day blog update
  • She doesn't know that information is being shared about her.

    The way you phrase that makes me feel like we're taking naughty videos of her in the shower or something.
  • Really? That's where you went on that one? Ok.

    She doesn't know that information is being shared about her.

    The way you phrase that makes me feel like we're taking naughty videos of her in the shower or something.
  • True, I do have the humor of a highschooler. LOL
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    I really liked this-so sharing it. Keta
  • I found this discussion thread near the bottom of p. 3! With the anticipated arrival being so close, I expected it to be up near the top of p. 1. So I'm moving it up there so we will be able to find it quickly when the little fella or fello arrives. :) Shouldn't be too much longer now.
  • Unfortunately there's just not much to discuss when we aren't getting any updates from Team Zenyatta =/ Hopefully we get some news soon.
  • Unless there is at least one post on this Thread per day it will just get buried again. Jaefeathered is right, there just isn't much to say, unless we "make up" our own news. LOL.
  • Into Mischief throws such pretty foals, I'd love to see how this one turns out.
  • We are becoming blase about Zenyatta's foals. We had seemingly hundreds of posts in earlier years guessing the size, sex, color, bling, etc, etc, etc of the coming foal. hahaha And dozens of comments about pacing. Those were the days.
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    Hmmmm, I'd love to see a pretty light mahogany bay with Zenyatta's trademark back stockings and a blaze like Ziconic's. No preference on gender. :)
  • pacing
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    This news has been on Twitter since early today.
    I did send a DM to kylea asking if they were going to make an announcement.
    No response.

  • Oh no! Hope she is ok!
  • RachelRachel Member
    I saw this as well but was waiting for an official post about it before having the news blow up on the forum :(
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