Thoroughbred Racing Names - In Use, Reserved, or a name you wish/hope to use someday

There is a Discussion Thread for Weird names, but this is for names that you find special, interesting or just because you want to share a name that you've always liked and wish you could bestow on a racehorse.

I'm anxiously waiting for the Tapit x Love the Chase two year old to get his name. I decided to see if there were any Reserved names that started with Tapit or Love or Chase/Chasing that might remotely seem like it could be reserved for this colt. The result.....not really. I did find reserved "Chasing the Wind". I also found that the word Love and the word Loved were reserved. I'm pretty sure neither of those names are meant for the Tapit x LTC. But it wouldn't surprise me if both of those names were saved by the same person.

A name I've always wanted to use on a horse is Mastorian Blazer. I've wanted to use that name since I was about 12 years old. Now if I could only get my hands on a Mastery colt.....perfect! LOL =)


  • How's this for a name? Full sister to Bobby's Kitten and Camelot Kitten, just got her racing name. Note: She was a $962K Tattersalls October Yearling in 2018. I hope she is a racing beast on the track for them.

    image.png 23.8K
  • Frosted just had a colt win at Oaklawn Park.....Cold As Hell. LOL. I think they did a good job in naming him.
  • Frosted just had a colt win at Oaklawn Park.....Cold As Hell. LOL. I think they did a good job in naming him.

    It is a good name, but I'm kind of surprised the JC allowed it. But then I'm often surprised by what they do and don't allow.
  • Speaking of names:
    Brings to mind the recent commentary in The Bloodhorse by Jay Hovdy about naming. He starts out by saying "Naming Thoroughbred Racehorses is serious business. That does not mean the names need to be deadly serious, but the thought going into those names should be. On the off chance a horse could turn out to be a winner, or even a stakes winner, that horse carrying that name becomes a feature in the face of the sport - hopefully for better, but sometimes for worse." Jay goes on to say how he disliked the name Violence a horse who won a stakes a day after the Sandy Hook murders. He ends his commentary by saying " racing continues to scramble in an attempt to reflect modern sensibilities, it might be a good idea for those with the privilege of naming their Thoroughbreds to think beyond the winking laugh or the divisive catchphrase. And that goes for whoever reserved the name "George Floyd." No horse deserves to carry that kind of weight." Do I ever agree with him regarding that name!
  • I just watched the 3 year-old Munnings colt, Name Rejected, break his maiden at Oaklawn. I couldn't help but take a look at how many "name claims" were rejected for this horse before the connections came up with Name Rejected. Only twice. I've seen a lot more rejections before a name was finally approved for a horse, but I guess that was enough times for them to throw in the towel and decide to just call him Name Rejected. Haha.

  • I get a smile on my face every time the filly Maryanorginger races. She just ran in Race 5 at Aqueduct.
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