Here is an update on Paynter. I hope he recovers!


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    That's good news! The first article was pretty dire. I hope he continues to improve and can race again. He's awesome.
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    Paynter Update Wed. Aug. 29th
    David Grening‏ DRF tweet
    Paynter showing signs of improvement this morning, according to Doc Cheyney

    A.ZAYAT tweet:
    fever is still there diarrhea still there , his feet are comfortable this morning .stable .only good thing his attitude is better #pray
  • I don't even care if he races again.... I just hope he continues to get better.
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    A.ZAYAT‏ tweet Wed Aug. 29 at 10:15 am (Phoenix/Pacific time)
    Paynter update.; just got this from Dr. Javsicas "he is eating fresh grass and more playful " whatever works!
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    For those checking on Paynter, see also Discussions
    Horse Racing Injuires and Fatalities
    General Interest News Items
    Lots of Z forum folks are very interested in Paynter's progress & recovery
    It is still a very serious situation-glad to see improvement
    Keep him in your prayers!
  • Poor baby :( Lets hope that he doesn't have colitis X....although I do not think Paynter has it, acute colitis alone is a very tough battle. Get strong Paynter...
  • Keep going north, Paynter. Good news at least.
  • Keep those feet comfortable, Paynter and hang in there.
  • From the VERY little I've read they did massive IV fluids and possibly blood plasma transfer. It's possible stress played a role but the juries out on that.

    The good news is he survived the first 24 hours. That's usually the most critical time.

    But I AM NOT a could still go VERY badly. Let us all just keep hoping and thinking good thoughts for this brave horse.
  • Colitis is a bad, bad, inflammatory disease, for sure. And stress does play a large part in the illness. Maybe Paynter needs a long rest where he can roll around on sand, graze, and relax from his rigorous racing schedule for awhile. Will be keeping him in my thoughts and prayers for a full and rapid recovery.
  • Lovehorses, agree with being turned out, but not anywhere near sand, all our turnout pens where dirt. Sand is a major contributor to colic, for some strange reason, which I could never figure out put a horse in a sand arena or turnout pen and they'll ingest it. So let's go for dirt, graze and relaxation.
  • I agree with you #Cathy about rolling in sand. Sand Colic can occur from inhaling too much sand and with what Paynter has now...The poor buddy doesn't need that to =(
  • Ain't that the truth, we all need to keep Paytner in our prayers, if he never races again, I just want him to get well. P.S. horses don't need to inhale a large amount of sand, any is detrimental to their health.
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    True. Can't wait to hear more news about him. I know it's childish but I was thinking of sending him a "get well soon" card XD
  • Why would that be so bad, think of the thousands of get well cards they sent to Barbaro, his owners loved it, nothing childish about it. In fact I think it shows a mature way of thinking.
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  • You know Paynter can't have treat baskets right now. But from what I read he may well have had blood plasma transfers. Maybe sending the donor horse's a gift basket...or the vet staff a human care package...
  • Ok so there are updates: From Zayat early this morning: Wasnt a goodnight for Paynter yesterday ! Keep praying #Fligthing hard @justinzayat@Midnightlute

    And this was from before noon today- Ahmed Zayat tweet: Driving now to visit Paynter with @justinzayat and Benjamin. The drive is 3 hours to upstate NY. Will update in afternoon.
  • Damn :(
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    Justin Zayat did a series of tweet updating the visit to Paynter. Thurs. Aug. 30th
    this was dictated byAhmed Zayat my dad as he is driving.
    We are doing this for his fans
    So again next 24 hours are critical that this nightmare scenario doesn't happen. I am very comforted that the best vets and equine Care from all over the country so please #pray
    Our main concern is that his white blood cells go up so the infection and bacteria that are now in his Colon and intestines don't travel through his bloodstream and infect other organs. And his body becomes septic. If that happens that is the End of it.
    So again next 24 hours are critical that this nightmare scenario doesn't happen. I am very comforted that the best vets and equine Care from all over the country so please #pray
    As we were petting and kissing him. He started looking at us with his sad eye kind of saying I know you are here for me. Justin tried to feed Him when we first got in an he refused. After 2 hours he rubbed against Justin and was ready to eat.
    As you would expect his appetite Been horrible. So he started eating fresh grass from benjamins hand. As time went on. He for the first time since Monday he went to his hay
    Bin and dr. Laura was very happy since it was his first time eating hay since Monday.
    She had been trying to give him treats he didn't want.
    Hope we gave him the love and care and encouragement to do that.
    With all your good wishes and prayers we will pull through that
    Positive side. His feet are perfect no discomfort at all. He is in critical condition the next 24 hours are crucial. He needs to fight.
    He has been an unbelievable patient. Full of class and very easy to work with. He looked sad to me and depressed. I can feel his body temp And how high it is. When I was touching him. His head was low down. Totally heartbreaking. I can see Benjamin totally tearing and trying
    Have been there. Dr. Laura Javsicas. You can tell that she genuinely cares. She warned us that he lost around 100+ pounds since Monday.
    We are driving back from Saratoga. Tough day. Very sad. We are very emotional. Our only console and comfort
    We are still with paynter in his stall. It will be a 3 hour drive back home. Will update on the drive back
  • 100 Pnds since Monday?? Wow, this is very critical indeed. So very sad... Come on Paynter, pull through this boy!!!!
  • 100 lbs is serious. This almost sounds like Salmonella poisoning.
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