Tennesssee Walking Horses Need Our Help

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Got this from the ASPCA: [I've seen articles with pictures about this practice. It's horrible. This is something we horse lovers could help with by contacting our Congresspersons.]


Protect Tennessee Walking Horses from Soring

Urge Your U.S. Rep to Stand Up to Horse Abusers!

Dear Animal Advocates:

Tennessee Walking Horses desperately need your help. These majestic and gentle-natured horses have long been abused by unscrupulous trainers that inflict agonizing pain upon them for the sake of greed and glory.

On today's Tennessee Walking Horse show circuit, trainers subject horses to terrible suffering by “soring” them—using chemicals and painful devices to cause extreme pain to the horses' legs and hooves. Desperate to escape the constant, intense burning and sharp pain, the horses unnaturally fling their legs in the high-stepping "big lick" gait that wins prizes at shows.

To hide their cruelty, trainers engage in a darker practice, euphemistically called "stewarding," beatings that inflict even greater pain than soring in order to disguise the horses' reactions to the pain in their hooves during inspection.

Although Congress passed the Horse Protection Act (HPA) more than 40 years ago to outlaw soring, insufficient legal penalties and lax enforcement have allowed this cruel practice to continue. A new bill, H.R. 6388, will address these inadequacies by amending the HPA and improving protections for horses from soring, and we need your help in building support for this critical legislation!

What You Can Do
Please contact your U.S. representative and urge him/her to cosponsor H.R. 6388 and support strong amendments to the Horse Protection Act to better protect horses from soring.

Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center online right now to easily contact your U.S. representative in Washington, D.C. There are only a few working days left in this Congress, so time is of the essence!

On behalf of the horses, we thank you!

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[Contact ASPCA.org for further information]



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