Guess the date for 13Z

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Okay no prizes. Just the satisfaction of knowing you guess it right. (And the choice for prizes can change subject to Admin).

So I'm saying Mar 11. I'm going to say 7 P.M. east coast time for delivery. That means the baby has to be totally out of Z. Not in half in and half out.

I'm thinking another colt. But he's gonna have socks on his hind legs. White that comes up just past his ankles. And yes, like Street Cry they'll be polka dot!

Feel free to add dates and times as you so choose. You can even choose a color if you want. Or gender.


  • shes gonna have a grey filly..dont know the date because, im not sure what her due date is or the day she was bred, but how cute will a little grey filly be?
  • Dark bay colt, very small white on the face, born March 15 at 11:40pmEST.
  • Grey filly, March 6, 10:10 pm EST
  • I'm guessing grey filly, March 3rd just before midnight.
  • Grey filly, March 1st
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    gray filly....or grey filly....march 12th.....6:15pm
  • gray filly....or grey filly....march 12th.....6:15pm
    LOL yeah i'm never sure if it should be grey or gray.

  • I say March 10th, at 11:10 PM. Dark Grey filly. (hoping)
  • OMG! So fun! Out on a limb, is a chestnut even possible? Hoping for a pink baby blanket, but somehow, I think it's another little boy! March 22, 22nd hour, EDT!
  • going March 8th in the early evening hours. Hope Mom and Baby are all right. Don't care what it is or the color as long as there doing ok (psst Hope its a grey filly)
  • Just because genetics is fun!

    Chestnut would be a real long shot. If you look back in Zenyatta's pedigree you have to go back three generations to find a chestnut top or bottom.

    As we learned talking about Blind Luck's filly, bay is dominant to chestnut, so in the most simple terms, bay = (Bb or BB) and chestnut equals = (ee). It was suggested on the blind luck post that Bernardini (the sire of BL's 2013 filly) was homogeneous for brown (meaning BB) because he has not thrown any chestnut foals.

    So come back to Zenyatta. Vertigineux to date has thrown one known chestnut so we can assume that Vertigineux is (Be). Street Cry has also thrown chestnuts so we can assume he is (Be) as well.

    That means Zenyatta has a 50/50 chance of either being homogeneous for bay like Bernardini or she could also be (Be). Either way, with Bernardini being (BB) Z12 was going to be a brown/bay because of his father. Now we know that Tapit is NOT homogeneous for gray or all his offspring would be gray and we know he throws a lot of chestnuts.

    So it comes down to Zenyatta herself. (Again please keep in mind its been a long time since genetics in college and this is really simplified!)

    If Zenyatta is homogeneous for brown, then the foal has a 25% chance of being brown like Zenyatta and 75% of being gray depending upon Tapit's contribution. If, however, Zenyatta is not homogeneous for brown then there is a 50% chance of gray, 25% chance bay and 25% chance chestnut.
  • grey or gray, i think its supost to be grey, cuz if you think about it....look at the way the word looks. it looks wierd with it being an A to me lol. but it could be just preference spelling.
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    Zenyatta should make up the colts for her mom. her mom produced alot of broodmares lol. so i wouldnt mind if most of her foals turned out to be colts. it would be better in continuing her legacy, but a filly would be nice just as well. and how cute would it be? too stinking adorable
  • Ok, I'll bite. I'm predicting sometime early mid March. LOL
    Just kidding! :)
    March 18th has been on my mind, so that's what I'm going for as far as her foaling day goes. I know several Bay mares and Bay Stallions producing Chestnuts. But, with Tapit as the sire, he seems to throw many greys. I would say a dark roan but, since that isn't accepted with the JC, I'll say grey. Filly.
  • I think Zenny will give birth on March 16th at 8 p.m.
  • Genetics is fun! Thank You!
  • My guess: April 2, 1 a.m. Gray filly with a brown base coat.

    Zenyen, not quite correct: the foal has a 50% chance of being gray, not 75%, regardless of whether Zenny carries e or not.

    Also, there's a 1/3 chance that Zenny is EE and a 2/3 chance that she is Ee. We know that she is not ee, so that leaves EE, Ee and eE as the remaining possibilities. Of course, won't know for sure unless someone tests her or she produces a foal with a chestnut base coat.

    HeidiK, true roan is actually an entirely separate color modification from gray. I don't believe it occurs in the Thoroughbred population. The JC's designation of "gray or roan" is incorrect. It should be just plain gray.

    Here's a cool site on coat color genetics. You can also read about cat and dog colors.

  • Well March 18th is her due date. I think it will be a gray filly. There is a new picture today and Zenyatta looks huge!
  • it appears that 12Z's dots go to his hooves, not just on the fur on his feet
  • Hi!

    When I think of TAPit, I think of Irish step dancing. Therefore, I think Z13 will be born on 17 March at 2000 (8PM) and will have happy feet, ready to run!!! She will be gray and will move just like her Mother, running with the lads!!!

    One thing is certain: we of Zenyatta nation will love that foal. We will also probably crash this website as we watch for news of Queen Zenyatta!!!

    Take care, everyone. There must be others of you pacing on the inside just as I am.

    Mary in Boone
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
  • I still haven't looked for my "pacing shoes." Perhaps, I need to find them next week for Rachel?? Keep them out for Zen and V too!!! LOL
  • My pacing shoes aren't on just yet but I know where they are. Warm ups start next week...
  • *ditches the shoes and gets a treadmill* what with all the foals we are waiting for LOL
  • Rachel, ha ha ha.. That would save the carpets and tile, right? Plus, we would get some needed exercise. Too funny!
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