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I hope Ann will have many pictures for purchase of Z13 I bought several of Z12, had framed and
am using one wall in family room for display. Great topic when I have a visitor and a joy to look at each day.


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    Yes, let us not forget 12Z in the excitement over the new birth.
  • I could never forget about this little first born! And he is so, so handsome as a teenager. No baby will ever, ever take his place in my heart! I loved him from day one and he will always be special in my heart!
  • Help!! I can't find the photos!!!
  • They're on the blog, just the one. The first one was on instagram
  • There are only two at the moment.
  • Des anyone know if there is a video released of the new little guy?
  • This is the first pic

  • No video yet and no new pics nice last night.....just waiting.....and pacing......pace.....pace....pace.
  • 12Z is indeed a beautiful little man. He has a lovely "Zenyatta" face. At least for now. Should be interesting to see what he looks like when he's grown up. I think he looks like Vertigineaux now. This new baby is exquisite also, and I love his Red color.
  • Not sure when it went up -- But portrait of Z and 13Z in stall on instagram, maybe Apr 3.

    Also included on HRTV video
  • Great picture of Z and 13Z.

    And indeed 12Z is a handsome young man and will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart.
  • This is definitely my favorite photo so far!
  • I love how his nose is pressed against the side of his mother's face. It almost looks like a "posed" picture. A wonderful family portrait. Only thing missing is 12Z.
  • This is definitely my favorite photo so far!
    It's my favorite, too. They both look so kind and sweet. I love pictures of Zenny lying down. Sort of brings her down to an approachable level, less gigantic. And she has such a beautiful face. So does 13Z.
  • You can definitely check out his shoulder angle in this lovely picture. Looks good to me!
  • Yes, his shoulder angle is very nice!
  • I wish we would hear something about Z and Z13 or more photos.
  • Team Z was pretty clear that they were leaving Z and Z13 alone to have some time to bond and just be horses. I imagine we'll see some photos next week or so.
  • or unless one of the workers were to post vids or pics like they did with 12z
  • Z13 is just as spectacular as Z12 was. Her colts are just gorgeous, as she is beautiful in so many ways.

    It amazes me how loved she is all over the world. Not only that but has united us in sharing her life, love and now her colts. Jerry, Ann and the entire Zenyatta Team is the best by far...... Thanks to them I am learning so very much not only racing but what good loving owners are like. Not just about the almighty dollar, but they are standing by her with tons of love and time.

  • I am glad Zenyatta and foal are bring left alone for awhile We all enjoy the pictures, but the more that are given it seems the more some of us want.
    We are fortunate to have the articles from LE and photos of Zen & foal.

  • im disappointed, not enough to get upset and mad but disappointed as in sad cuz i miss seeing zenyatta and her new baby. seeing them together made me smile and feel happy to see her happy. her new foal is just a dream to look at.
  • I agree we are fortunate to receive the updates we do get. I just worry since its been almost a week since we have seen any photos. Hope all is okay.
  • im sure it is, at this point im thinking we will only get pics when the mosses arrive for a visit. im hoping we get pic updates from one of the workers tho like we did and do with 12z. its just a joy for all of us to see her foals.
  • There is a new photo of Z13 on Instragram. He is so precious!
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