Magna Fortuna (aka Taxi)

The Magna Fortuna story has interested me since I first heard the circumstances about his dam's rescue. But I haven't heard any recent updates lately. Does anyone have any news on Magna Fortuna or has anyone had a chance to visit him?

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  • his last race was May 8th of this year at Arlington Park in which he won. he hasnt raced since.
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    he is in my stable and I have gotten no reports of any recent works eitherr
  • Here is his moms pedigree if you were wondering:
  • I remember and followed Magna Graduate. He was a rescue too at one time?
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    I remember and followed Magna Graduate. He was a rescue too at one time?
    Yup, his dam was rescued and no one knew she was pregnant. She had her foal and he grew up to be Magna Fortuna :) tried their luck at racing him and look how hes turned out.

    Bah, u meant his sire lol im not sure if he was
  • I asked about this on twitter and someone posted this link
  • I asked about this on twitter and someone posted this link
    Thank you!
  • wow, everything u need to know about Taxi is in that link including great photos!
  • Whoa, bloodlines of Secretariat and Seattle Slew runs thru his veins!
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  • Thanks for the update! Appreciate the links to the web-site with his recent photos. Hope he heals completely and gets back to racing next year. Power Up!!
  • First workout in awhile for Taxi.

    Magna Fortuna (3-Year-Old Gelding)

    Date:December 4, 2013
    Track: HAWTHORNE
    Distance: Three Furlongs
    Time: 37:00 Breezing
    Track Condition: Fast
    Surface: Dirt
    Rank: 2/9

  • Nice work rating for him for being away for a bit. Usually dont see that, its a good start.
  • He had a break from racing for a bit, he was enjoying being a horse at the farm
  • Magna Fortuna (3-Year-Old Gelding)

    Date:December 28, 2013
    Track: HAWTHORNE
    Distance: Four Furlongs
    Time: 47:80 Breezing
    Track Condition: Fast
    Surface: Dirt
    Rank: 2/11
  • Always good to hear about him and what he's doing. There's a good subject for a horse movie. It would be nice if he could win some famous race.
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    Love that his blinkers are yellow and black checks
  • Love that his blinkers are yellow and black checks
    So appropriate for "TAXI" as in the yellow/black checkered Taxi Cab colors! :o)
    btw...when was Taxi gelded?
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    It's on his Journal page. Right around when he turned 2. Looked it up: it was December, 2011, before he turned 2, which was in April, 2012. Before he started training to be a racehorse. Here's his blog as posted by louisecastello.
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    Thanks for the link VA_in_CA! Got caught up reading his diary. I still wonder why they had to geld him...he didn't appear in their writings to be hyper or mean. Too bad, but I guess they had their reasons. During his rest from injury at the stables...his mama Lulu was notated as approving one of the mares Taxi was paying attention to (Faye). Lulu would move the other mares away from the fence to let Taxi and his girlfriend Faye time alone together...a sign of approval perhaps? :o)
  • In my experience with rescue groups, most of them are vehemently opposed to bringing any more animals into the world to join the ranks of the unwanted. They tend to believe there are too many animals here already for the number of available homes. I know all shelters, and my own group Save A Pet, will not adopt cats, kittens, dogs, or puppies out who have not already been spayed or neutered. My friend in Yuma who has two rescue horses gets very annoyed when I send her pictures of new foals. There are far too many unwanted horses in her opinion. So it may be a policy of that Rescue group who rescued Lulu to geld all male horses. They would be easier to train, place, handle, after gelding as well.
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    Understood...We do have too many animals in a world where selfish, thoughtless, or evil people abuse them. But too bad...what if he turns out to be a magnificent runner from which he could have passed his genes on to his progeny (which we would never know). But at least Lulu and Taxi have found a forever home where they are loved...that's more important than winning a race! But in this case a percentage of Taxi's winnings are helping pay for mama's keep at the Illinois Equine Humane Center (ILEHC). A win-win situation indeed! More so...Taxi's quest in racing makes him an excellent spokesperson on the awareness of cruelty to broodmares, and other abused horses as well.

    As for Taxi...I'm sure Lulu has already told him he was very fortunate to be alive to become a race horse after mama went through such a horrible ordeal. I know Lulu (aka Silver Option) raced as well before becoming a broodmare so she knows what her son is training for. (I'm putting human thinking into this discussion...but horses have a way of communicating with each other- their thoughts and experiences...and they understand what we are saying too!)
  • I agree that from the horse-racing perspective it is a shame that he was gelded, but I guess they have rules and can't make exceptions for one they decide to keep for themselves if they don't make exceptions for other horses they adopt out. He's guaranteed a good home if he fails as a racehorse, so gelding him was safe. They weren't risking his descent into cheap claiming races and eventual toss out in the trash.

    I once had a cat in my foster cat home that we, of course, spayed, but I thought it was a great pity not to see if we could get a new breed or variety started from her because she was a beautiful long-haired cat with the face of a Turkish Angora or Maine Coon (not at all Persian) with silky hair of a rich dark chocolate color, solid brown. Beautiful. But I probably would have been drummed out of the group had I tried breeding cats.
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