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  • Not to mention watering the turf course before a race and thus causing a horse that Rosie Napravnik was on to slip and fall around the first turn and end uo breaking his shoulder.
  • And remember the horse, Never Tell Lynda, who spooked when the new sound system scared her and she ended up dead?
  • A pattern of disregard for the athletes, both human and equine. The jocks have a voice, the horses...not so much!
  • Re: Ron T and his treatment.
    Churchhill treated P. Martin's disabled and ill mother the same way at the derby last year. It's why he sworn he'd never go back.
  • I remember -_-'
    And remember the horse, Never Tell Lynda, who spooked when the new sound system scared her and she ended up dead?
  • Thoughts and prayers go out to Ron Turcotte! Hopefully, he will heal up with no further issues.
  • They actually DO disqualify at the break. Hmmmmmm

    The inquiry sign was posted following the running of the 7th race for a review of
    observed interference at the start involving #2 SIBERIAN OLYMPIAD (1st place –
    jockey Cristobal Herrera), #3 MCCANN’S HALF FULL (6th place- jockey Kyle Frey)
    and #4 MONTEREY KRIS (5th place – jockey Abel Cedillo).
    After talking to the riders involved and reviewing the various recorded views #4
    was disqualified from 5th to 6th place. The recordings show #2 and #3 making
    slight contact at the start as #4 breaks inward making contact with #3 which
    tipped #2 outward after making contact with that rival’s rear quarters. The
    decision was unanimous."
  • Where was that race?
  • I also went to CD under the lights and didn't like it at all. Seemed to be very few true racing fans in attendance, just a bunch of rowdy, drunk spectators who would get in your way and not let you view the races. I would be more interested to try it during the day.
  • Yes, where was the race? Since there are no uniform rules and it's left up to stewards, it only matters if it was Santa Anita... or wherever that fiasco was.
  • Yes, that fiasco was at Santa Anita. Which is why I want to know too and led to the comment left in the Kentucky derby thread.
  • It was at Golden Gate. But if other tracks disqualify at the break for interference, why should Santa Anita be any different? Clearly other tracks feel it makes a huge difference in a race if there is interference at the start of the race.
  • I have watched that start over and over again and SB got slammed. I could almost hear it. Martin Garcia says he didnt think he bothered SB and that his horse broke straight. We all must be blind as a bat without sonar
  • We don't have to take Garcia's word for it. There is plenty of film to prove he's wrong.
  • They all said the start didn't bother SB but getting cut off by Toast did. Which could be what the stews went on and since their inquiry wasn't about TONY, they couldn't penalize Bayern. TONY should have been called as well since he impeded two horses. If both B and T were set back, that would have put JR first and SB second, which (except for the money involved) didn't really matter to either. It would still come up as a loss for SB and that's what all the fuss was/is about.
  • Watch the start of the San filipe from this weekend and see if it doesn't look similar. Same jockey, trainer combo. I guess interference at start still goes at Santa Anita. Garcia's gonna hurt someone eventually.
  • What i am upset about is the fact Bayern did cut off SB and caused a chain reaction. Bayern should of been taken down, im not upset that SB lost but never got a chance to really show himself. And then the fact they just let Bayern run the race. One of the least exciting BC races i have seen for me.

    Thanks for pointing that out tincup, will have to watch the replay on that.
  • YOU may not be upset about SB's "loss" but all the comments I read discussing his record still reflects resentment/dismay/disgust/all other negative feelings and thoughts on the subject. It mars his otherwise perfect record of wins in California.
  • sb fans are rightfully upset. But the real story was the outrage expressed by long time and well respected journalists and analysts. The complexion changed, some think willfully, and all participants were affected. If one were to image different scenarios that pop up in any given race, this was the one needed by the front running bayern. It's funny isn't it?
  • So, I disagree that the "outrage expressed by long time and well respected journalists and analysts" outweighs the dismay expressed by SB fans and EVERYBODY else, including myself as I am definitely not a Believer. The race was unfair. Period. The results should have been disallowed. Period. The race should have been rescheduled and rerun. And if the participants didn't want to or couldn't run again, it should have been scratched from the records. Period.
    The funny thing, from MY perspective, is it was California horses and California trainers screwed by California stewards in California . On a national scale, no biggie.
  • Absolutely a California problem. Can only hope the call at golden gate is a reflection of new policy.
  • You all should really look at Stewards Minutes lol.

    "Aleast he admits he was wrong-
    "2/27/154 RULING – LATS #050
    ($300.00) for violation of California Horse Racing Board rule #1688
    (Use of Whips – misuse of whip in post parade) while riding QATAR’S
    PEARL in the sixth race at Santa Anita Park on February 26, 2015.
    This ruling was issued after Mr. Desormeaux viewed video as the horses approached the starting gate for the sixth race yesterday. His horse, #5 QATAR’S PEARL was not cooperating and was trying to “freeze.” At this point Mr. Desormeaux hit the horse twice in the stomach. Unfortunately for the rider the pan camera was trained on him when the

    violation occurred. After viewing the video, Mr. Desormeaux readily admitted his mistake, stating that it was absolutely the wrong thing to do."
  • JUST a warning was issued. Golden Gate Fields...

    "Jockey Silvio Amador was cited in complaint 15GG0016 for bringing an unauthorized visitor into the barn area and in complaint 15GG0018 where it was cited alleged that he was whipping a horse about the head area.
    After hearing the details of the unauthorized visitor incident from Golden Gate Fields security and the witness to the alleged whipping incident warnings were issued for both complaints."
  • Leonard Lusky, spokesman for the Turcotte family, said Turcotte is in good spirits and still has his sense of humor, noting that the retired jockey asked attending physician for one blue cast and one white cast, the renowned racing colors of Secretariat's Meadow Stable.

  • Awww how sweet
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