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  • It looks like some people who were frustrated with having their comments deleted from the Runhappy Facebook page went and made their own Facebook page.
  • Bella jolle's curlin colt is just kinda cruising along at elloree. Four published workouts so far. Not much there yet, it'll be fun to see if and when he wakes. Wouldn't it be interesting if Maria got a call about him.
  • It looks like some people who were frustrated with having their comments deleted from the Runhappy Facebook page went and made their own Facebook page.
    Gotta love it. The new media can not be deleted as the younger generations know, and some politicians are discovering. hahaha

  • from the fan facebook page linked by VA above, not the soiled mattress mack spin page;

    happier times, first race after layoff and rehab under Maria, too bad I can't find a video of those allowance races but good description of race in article;
  • Runhappy was one of my favorite horses until this story about Maria being sacked came out. Now I don't know what to think. I want to support the horse without supporting his terrible owner or new "trainer" (if you can call her that). I honestly just really want Runhappy to come out of this whole fiasco okay. Hell, if I had the money I'd buy him myself and send him back to Maria to train.
  • I'll tell you this, I do not believe the smear campaign being waged by a few trying to ruin her. All the trashing of Maria originates with the owners, etc. who, in my opinion, were blindsided by the public's response to their firing her and are trying to turn the spotlight off of them and get people on their side. The history they have of firing trainers including Baffert and Zito is now getting well known. I believe in and trust Steve Haskin and he is behind her as are other well known industry people.
  • If it were only Steve Haskin, that would be enough for me. Just one statement said everything I needed to know about these people...low, even for Laura wohlers..yikes.
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  • No surprise right? Always felt there was a real shoe ready to drop. Everything else was noise.
    While there were rumors that this was the real reason for the split, now the truth is out and public. I feel real bad for this kid. She has worked hard and sacrificed to get to this place and deserves to be compensated.
    I'm just afraid the deep pockets of these retail roaches will make for a long and possibly fruitless battle.. one can only hope no other trainer has anything to do with them.
  • Amen, tincup!
  • And, owners start sending Maria some horses...
  • What owners...
  • I hope good owners...MatressMac sounds like hubris indeed!
  • Well, maybe some that don't want their horses drugged to be successful .... water. hay, oats ... :-)
  • This has all been very interesting. Stay tuned.
  • Bigherbie, is that group seeking her out as trainer or just supporting her?

  • Borrell's lawyer commenting that defamation has also taken place and may be part of a legal action, besides training fees.
  • Yep. Getty has to get out in front of who ever is telling the lies.
    The gal has to work. You`d hope they could at least leave her that.
  • Good article on paulickreport on the other side of the story....
  • Thanks for the heads up. I `ll read it with an open mind and add it to the many articles I`ve read concerning these people dating as far back as 1998 and his dealings with Zito, steve moyer and others.
  • The guy... and his lovely wife... are pretty open about their attitude(s.) It is perfectly understandable why they don't get along with factory trainers... and perfectly understandable why those trainers don't want to deal with owners like them. IF what they say about their "private" trainer has any validity, it is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. I never understand why one person can break a contract... or "just" an agreement... and then cry foul when the other side does the same thing. I believe I would be apt to speak up and make demands if I had a horse with a trainer and didn't/did want something done a particular way. My feeling is the trainer works for me... feel the same way about my doctor, vet, attorney, etc.
  • Read the article and have a couple of thoughts. But I gotta get this load so I'll post later.
    Btw the first thing to hit me was the smell of a badly kept monkey cage at the zoo.
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    Morrell is up against the whole group and family. I hope her email texts her lawyer talked about substantiate her major role as trainer. PR from the owners and family make it sound like they"carried" her, and wanted to give her a leg up, that they were the do-gooders.
  • So sad that another happy horse story has gotten such bad press by he said, she said type of thing, who did what, who owes who, etc. As soon as something gets into the media, it just blows up. Reminds me a lot of California Chrome and all the bad press the owners got going .
    Gee, in the old days, it was handled by phone and mail, no internet. Sure kept things a lot quieter and less notoriety.... I hope they get it all taken care of, too bad they can't keep it private, the cat is not only out of the bag, it is running amok.
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