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What a devastating burst of acceleration to win the DWC!!..major congrats to graham motion...truly tragic for the american fans that ANOTHER great horse is being shipped off to stud over seas.
as for todays race,wow, they could have gone around again and he wasnt getting beat.
ive commented before that AK, in person, is as spectacular a horse as ive seen in a long time...really really happy with this win!!


  • Congrats to AK and all his connections! Nice race; wish Royal Delta had done a bit better, but she ran gallantly for while.
  • AK will stand in Australia this year but should be returning for the North American breeding season in 2014. He'll shuttle.
  • yay
  • That's only fair. Lonhro came here for a year. I think it's good to mix blood up. Just so long as the stallion is managing all his mares. Alydar proved that you can't breed breed breed.
  • joel rosario gave him a great ride
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    Animal Kingdom...WOW!!!!!!
  • Definitely worth keeping him training and racing. I still wonder how he would have done if he hadn't stumbled at the start of the '11 Belmont. Glad he got his moment in the sun again, as it seemed that after the 2011 Triple Crown he just went off the radar. Though that could have been due to my lack of TVG and HRTV access. It was still nice seeing him run.
  • Has the race been posted anywhere on the Internet for those of us who don't have access to TVG and HRTV? Anyone here who could post a link?
  • replay is in that
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    Derby Hero Animal Kingdom Rules World Cup
    By Jack Shinar The Blood-Horse Updated: Saturday, March 30, 2013 3:53 PM
    The drought for America in the Dubai World Cup (UAE-I) came to an end March 30 when champion Animal Kingdom burst clear in the homestretch for a spectacular score at Meydan Racecourse
    Joel Rosario rode the 2011 Kentucky Derby Presented by Yum! Brands (gr. I) victor to a two-length triumph in the Emirates Airline-sponsored $10 million event—the world's richest horse race —for trainer Graham Motion and owners Arrowfield Stud and Team Valor International.
  • Has the race been posted anywhere on the Internet for those of us who don't have access to TVG and HRTV? Anyone here who could post a link?
    If the link Rachel posted doesn't work you can find the race on Youtube. That's where I saw it.
  • Just watched the replay. What a race! Animal Kingdom is an amazing horse, and I think that Graham Motion is a great trainer.
  • Thanks, all. Watched it. Good race, great horse. Did he really suffer a broken pelvis in 2012? How could he get over that and go back to racing?
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    it was just a hairline fracture, and the first injury was a slab fracture in his hind leg.
  • what a great race, and how wonderful to see him do this again. I know some were questioning how good of a boy he was, and he showed them today!! Poor Royal Delta, getting that lead like that and keeping it for so long was a big mistake, IMHO, it took it all out of her. She will be back this year, and show everyone just who the Queen is right now!! She is also a very large filly, all Empire Makers seem to be, and that size is a lot to try to keep on the lead for the whole race. Congrats to Animal Kingdom, and what a cool name he has and what a pretty boy he is!
  • I'm just so happy that the 2011 Kentucky Derby winner has gone on to win this prestigious race in 2013 - that he wasn't retired after his 3-year-old season as so many are. It goes to show that these darling horses can have a longer, successful career and we can cheer them along all the way. Love you Animal Kingdom!
  • Here, here, Janie in LA!! Well stated, and how true! They retire a horse after it wins a few good races to either go stand around somewhere to breed breed breed, and a good mare that still wants to go, ends up in the breeding band. This sport and industry,IMHO, would be a much better one if we could follow these horses through several years, of course depending on their soundness (which IS the problem here) but there are several still going, and it's absolutely great to watch them yet! Thank you!!!
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    Race 9 - Dubai World Cup Sponsored By Emirates Airline
    Published on Mar 30, 2013
    Animal Kingdom (USA) (Joel Rosario)

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    JANE/RUFF- couldnt agree more!. american racing fans are being CHEATED with these wonder the sport is dieing!.. zenyatta at 6, AK now at 5, Game on dude at 5, royal delta at 5.. these horses are at there best when there mature and we seldom get to see them. makes me sick to see that shaghai bobys retirement was announced in FEBRUARY that hes going to coolmore next year. this horse will NOT win another race in his career before then. just another speed ball at 2, gone by 4...if pletch doesnt break him down before then...GELD EM ALL!!! keep em around.
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    ANIMAL KINGDOM PHOTO GrahamMotion ‏tweet
    AK happy to be back in his paddock this morning #DWCup2013 #champ

  • Animal Kingdom~~~ Great race.
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    Ascot Racecourse tweet
    Not since 1936 (Omaha) has a Kentucky Derby winner run at #RoyalAscot
  • This article sounds as if Animal Kingdom won't be shuttling but rather will stand in Australia.

    Real shame given his ability to get across all sorts of surfaces, run without medication and also the longevity of his career. Would have been the sort of blood we needed to infuse into American breeding.
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