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Reigning European Horse of the Year Frankel wins his season debut, the Lockinge at Newbury
to remain unbeaten.
Clare Balding tweeted from London on Sat. May 19
Frankel not just sensational in the race but took half a mile to pull him up & barely blowing afterwards.
Black Caviar tweeted
Congratulations @frankel_horse on your unbeaten run & 10th win.
Who would have thought there would be two of us opp side of the world.
Here is a link to the race

Keta note: Frankel looks magnificent!


  • :( how sad..... let's hope for the best, yet remain realistic.....
  • Hope it can be fixed. :(
    A couple of horses had to be euthanized at a race in England. One's name was Synchronicity. That part is always bad. But it's like with the downhill skiers, every now and then one will die on the job. Athletes take greater risks.
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  • It was Synchronized. not synchronicity. the other was called According to Pete
  • Frankel has no bone damage that is good. BUT a Tendon problem Soft Tissue injury is bad!!!!!! He will have another scan middle of this week. He is being given the best care. Great horse!!!!!! Hope he will be OK to run.
  • Yes a horse has no input as to what job we humans will give them. Nobody ever said life is fair.
  • Just have to hope they keep him off the track as long as necessary. Terrible shame if he doesn't run again but sure he will be a success in the breeding shed

    Amazing horse!!!!!!!

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  • Yeah, but a lot of these horses live to run, otherwise they wouldn't put up the speed numbers. And Zee's life is far better than heck, a lot of people's. There are trade-offs, and I understand not all race-horses are treated as well as Zee is, but people are moving into a better quality of life for all animals direction. Changing of awareness level is more present than ever. Slowly but surely.
    Athletes really don't asks themselves before an event " am I going to come out of this alive?" They're a different breed of people.
  • He's cleared for training!!!
    Go get boy.
  • Best news today. I have my tickets for the lockinge can't wait
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    This is the best news. Go Frankel!
  • candicandi Member
    hope his 100% very Ok before running again and totally breaking the legs for sure.Hope he can recuperate for a while before runing a big race to assure and safe.
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  • FRANKEL Ultrasound did not reveal any tendon damage He is going back to normal training schedule BUT no racing in the future for now. Trainer and Vet have to keep close eye on him, take it day by day.
  • Frankel is one amazing horse. Very, very glad he is alright. I am sure he is getting the best care possible. Love the fact that he is named after Bobby Frankel.
  • Hi Keta. You did it again! How come your links come up visually?????? (Driving me crazy!)
  • I was there today! Frankel easily dominated - interesting that all the other horses and their jockeys looked exhausted. He is an amazing looking horse and it will be so exciting to follow him this season
    . He was named after genius and he is trained by an other genius
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    Frankel was Fabulous!! He made it looks so easy. He rated nicely and when asked he blew them away!! Did you know that Bullet Train is his half brother, Kind is the dam and Saddlers Wells his sire. Very well bred to say the least!! Congrat's to Frankel!!!
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    Hi Keta. You did it again! How come your links come up visually?????? (Driving me crazy!)
    Dare I say "Dumb Luck"!
  • His sire is Galileo (son of
    Sadlers wells)

  • KetaKeta Member
    How great that you could be there is see this amazing horse!
    Soon you will be able to watch Black Caviar
    Good racing days ahead!
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