It's Official Zenyatta in foal to TAPIT!!

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I just got a Google update that is saying that TVG/community is announcing this on their website.



  • I thought they weren't going to say anything until the 60 day mark. It hasn't been 60 days since she was bred, has it? I'm superstitious and don't want them to have extra bad luck by announcing too soon. Did the Mosses ok the announcement? h+++
  • @Helene, I don't know. I got this in my google alerts/zenyatta and clicked on it and posted the exact link that was sent to me. I'm sure tvg/community got the info from a legitimate source. The exact link is above.
  • That's not TVG itself though, it's just someone posting something on the TVG forum. Probably after hearing the gentleman in the Lane's End foal update on HRTV saying that she'd been bred to Tapit and "that they were counting days".

    I'll wait for the official announcement to be made by the Mosses, probably on this website.
  • I thought they weren't going to say anything until the 60 day mark. It hasn't been 60 days since she was bred, has it? I'm superstitious and don't want them to have extra bad luck by announcing too soon. Did the Mosses ok the announcement? h+++
    Several posters have speculated about the 60-day mark, but that doesn't mean it's the Moss's official policy. Last year they announced her first pregnancy early, and when she lost it, many people freaked out. So they didn't announced her second pregnancy (baby Z) officially until 60 days, although there were lots of "wink winks" in her Diary starting around day 45.
  • @lauraj, I know how superstitious Mr. Moss is about Zenny, and think the Mosses or LE will formally announce that she is in foal. I remember the sadness last year, and the "wink, winks" around day 45. Prayers around Zenny and all of her family.
  • @ninjabarb, I think we all feel the same way too!
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    I so hope it's a grey filly. Either way as long as it's healthy and Zenny is fine I'm ok. I don't know if it's been confirmed. That is just someone blogging. Some people thought she was "in foal" because of the video update when Mike Cline said she had been bred already and they were counting days. They took it as she was confirmed so I'll wait for the Mosses or Lane's End to confirm before getting excited.
  • We have all grown so attached to Baby Z that I feel as if we're rushing him out of the barn so to speak and waiting to hurry and replace him. I know that sounds crazy and he is growing up and is bred to race but he's the first and I'm already missing him and he hasn't even started to being weaned yet. This is life and I'm just a softy but I , like the rest of us will get to continue to watch him grow. Now we just got to get the Mayberry's to keep us informed if they're the ones that will break him. Or, wherever he goes to once he leaves Lanes End. Now, am I going to far or what? lol
  • YattaDatta, Baby Z won't be hurried out. He has a while with her and then he will be weaned. It's about that time that most mother's are ready for them to be weaned and would do it on their own if they were out in the wild. If Zenyatta is in foal, she has a long way to go before the arrival of Baby Number 2. We will see lots more of Baby Z, not to worry.
  • I haven't seen Lane's End post anything about that on FB yet.....Not to say that Facebook is a reliable source...
  • PAULA1 I like your comments!!!!!!! I enjoy seeing Z12 run, run, run seems more independent of Zen everyday. Like the comment LE made, will put two more mares and foals with them. Excellent when day comes Mom is gone he will handle the situation better LE has everything down to a science caring for the horses. Only the best at their farm. Have had over 100 foals born so far this year!!!!! WOW!!!!! and more to come.
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    I've seen comments on different blogs saying that she is confirmed to be in foal. Like many of you, I'll wait for an OFFICIAL statement from the Moss's and LE before, I get too excited. No, the Prince will never be out of the spot light! He'll be the most watched colt, you can believe that!!! Rachel's colt is getting so big too!!! There's just that "something" about the Prince though! I can't wait to hear from Mike, what he thinks of him after he visits.
  • Poor little Z. But he'll be alright. As stated before, in the wild this is pretty much how they do it. In the meantime, he has a ways to go with his mother, and even after they go their separate ways, he'll still have all of us. And Zenny will always be his Mom. I agree - I love to see him run, and he does seem much more independent of his mother. He always looks like he's having such a good time doesn't he?
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    Thanks Ninjabarb! Yes, LE knows what they are doing. I am not worried. This little guy will be greatly loved by everyone who cares for him. He is the Queen's firstborn afterall!
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    The Queen's firstborn....the crown prince....yep that's Baby Z
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    How old will he be when they separate him from mom?
  • AmandaFAmandaF Member
    How old will he be when they separate him from mom?
    5 months

  • @Tinamri, I thought that was to young to be weaned but when I saw the pictures of Rachel Alexndra's foal at how big he is at 3months knowing he still has about 2 or 3 more months to go before weaning, I said, gosh, he's already just about as big as his mom!. And the same goes for baby Z, look how big he is already and he still has another three more months with Zenny, He'll be almost as tall as her by then.
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    Thoroughbreds grow fast. But then maybe all horses grow that fast
  • Where is everyone getting these pictures? Videos, too, of the little one running around??? All I ever see are the few (too few) photos on this site.
    Please dont say facebook........
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    Im sorry but yes it is facebook. stonestreet farms posted it on their facebook. thats the only way i knew about it
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    Atleast we post the links so ppl can see them that dont have facebook. really nothing to complain about and if i find something i see no one else posted yet ill post it. either way u can see it thru here thru other ppl
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