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  • Check this out, one free season to each stallion for whoever wins. Thats one heck of a prize!

  • hopefully the dates are whats wrong and not the days as they arent the same, saturday is the 4th, not 5th, etc..
  • noticed Paulick is the one with the dates wrong,lol..either way, glad to see them, now i can plan my days..awesome!!!...
  • What a fun contest! If I could, I would want a Pomeroy or a Trinniberg baby; just to pamper their Momma's and add to the rescue herd. Kept safe and happy; riding our pretty trails.
  • Kurt and others: VERY IMPORTANT!
    The link I posted with the time and dates for open house is from LAST year. I'm so sorry for any confusion. It was widely shared on FB, and I neglected to double check the date.
    Adena Springs just announced from their official FB page:

    Adena Springs

    Our next Stallion Open House is this coming Sunday, January 5 from 4pm - 8 pm.
    I sure the other farms will be announcing soon. Again, I apologize for my huge goof!
  • ASHTON- i knew the dates were different then the days of the week.so it seemed a little off. I DO know about Adena and Spendthrift being accurate though because ive seen there official releases.that being said,I would be surprised if that doesnt turn out to be pretty accurate though..doesnt matter really, im still flying friday. plan is KHP, spendthrift,Pin oak and Old friends for saturday
  • my monday consists of denali,claiborne and Our Mims and hopefully some open houses.
  • Is there a farm named Denali? That was the name of my dog who died in Oct of 2011. She was a miniature American Eskimo and I named her after the mountain in Alaska which gives its name to Denali National Park. It makes a great name for a small dog. It's a good unisex name, too. My Denali didn't know she was little. She would go after anything. She was fierce and fearless. I had to keep her securely on a leash at all times. She really was cute.
  • Yup its called Denali Stud
  • Thanks, rachel. I checked it out. Looks like a wonderful place with honest people running it. I hadn't realized that Denali, the mountain, is actually Mt. McKinley. It means "the great one" in Eskimo.
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    My first Eskie was Princess...18+ when she crossed the bridge and my hubbys best friend...now we have Roxy...soon to be 11...fearless and boss of all she surveys...we got her off " death row" at a county animal shelter in CA 9 yr ago..she continues to protect our home...Eskies are awesome and very smart
  • My family had an American Eskimo when I was young, too. He was a great dog, super smart, and so beautiful. He wasn't miniature, though, but regular sized.
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    Thanks for sharing the Eskie stories. My first was a standard size. We named him Thule (pronounced toolee). We had him at the same time as our Samoyed. Both make great pets and are amazingly clean dogs. Their white coats seem to shed dirt, so they almost always look clean, even after they've gotten all muddy a few hours earlier.

    Denali was dumped at the vet's office, left tied to the gate. I got her the same day when I happened to bring Thule in for something. The vet said, "Oh, an American Eskimo. Do you want another?" LOL. Sadly Denali passed at only age 12. She had cancer after it came back from I think it was fibrosarcoma, a tumor on her back. The vet removed it twice. She seemed pretty happy until she had her final resurgence several years later. It had gotten into several internal organs, So sad.

    Isn't it interesting that we ladies are not out partying for New Years Eve, but rather are safely at home indulging our love of Zenyatta and communicating with our friends on the Forum. It's good. I'm happy to be here. I guess it's already 2014 where most of you are. I'm still waiting here in CA. Happy New Year to all Forum members and their dogs, cats, and horses.
  • Denali is home of Serenas song..shes the reason for our visit
  • I don't know Serena's Song. When was she in racing? Is she a broodmare now?
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    I don't know Serena's Song. When was she in racing? Is she a broodmare now?
    Serena's Song is not only a broodmare...she's a "Blue Hen"! She raced in the mid 1990's...winning an outstanding eleven grade 1 races!
    Our gifted member Mary who created the thread "Past the Grandstand: Horse racing through the eyes of a young racing fan" on our Forum posted an interesting entry on July 13, 2013 entitled: Recent Remarkable Broodmares, Part Two. Serena's Song is listed among these remarkable broodmares. :o)

    Here's a link to her article:
  • Thanks, Paniolo_Gal. I read both the Part Two and the Part One of the Recent Remarkable Broodmares. Very interesting. I got my question answered that I had wondered about, namely what is a "blue hen"? Funny name for them. I hope Zenyatta will be able to enter that elite group. Remains to be seen how her boys do in the next few years.
  • Kurt, when you are out at Claiborne, and you get to talk to Kevin (War Front's groom), be sure and ask him to tell you how Zenyatta danced on her way to the breeding shed...he said, "it was pretty neat." And, be prepared to have a tug at your heart when you see Pulpit's brand new grave marker among all the older ones. Also, notice if the flowers are on the grave of Riva Ridge....if everything isn't all covered with fluff stuff.
  • SCENT- dont know if i'll see Kevin, I actually requested david who was our groom last year..the man who after 30 years of asking FINALLY took me upto the Marchmont cemetery so if i can get him again this yar, i will be thrilled..but if i get kevin...
    actually saw Pulpits grave last year, the marker had been there less then a week so was definitly fresh..and of course will note Riva

    VA_CA-Serenas Song is worth a trip to ky by herself!! shes the ONLY horse ive ever visited where the lone requirement is Bring Peppermints!!.. whens shes brought out, she stands as you would expect, but when you approach her, if you dont have a mint in your hand,she will stick her nose into whatever pocket you have them in and let you know its time for her mints..as long as your feeding her mints...and there doesnt seem to be a limit on how many they let her have....you can love on her as long as you want..a visit with Serena is unlike any other horse you can visit..with the possible exception of MONARCHOS who has his own little show he does...cant wait for next week

  • LOL zenyatta dancing for War Front, of course!
  • ASHTON- sent..i think..you a private message,please let me know if you got it
  • Oh dear =( I will not be in Kentucky for those open houses.
  • Kurt, you absolutely must try and visit Airdrie Stud. Haynesfield and Creative Cause are two of my favorite stallions and they're a joy to meet. I hope to visit them again in the Fall. Have a safe and glorious trip back to KY.
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    Was just told that lanes end is NOT having an open house this year so no ap indy..bummer
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