• So who does that leave us with?
  • So thankful Shug keeps such a close eye on his horses. I still love this colt, no matter what. Hopefully we will see him later in the Fall and if he is retired, oh well, it is what it is. I would much rather see him retired than break down on the track or in training. He is just a absolutely beautiful colt.
  • Commissioner is the only AP Indy on the Derby Trail left that I know of. Honor Code was Shug's last Derby horse left.
  • Commissioner is still in the hunt. I like Spot and Ride on Curlin. Also, Tapiture and I love that gutsy little Wildcat Red. California Chrome is stunning, but deeply inbred, that is my only fault with him.
  • I can't choose a favorite this year.... They are all such good competitors! This Triple Crown season will be one to remember.
  • I agree. My list of favorites is long! I tend to cheer for the underdog and Wildcat Red and Spot are underdogs for sure.
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    Wildcat Red is a gutsy little fellow, but he likes to go to the front... Which in my opinion is a bad habit in the Triple Crown. It takes a very special kind of horse to remain steadfast to the front and win. Though in all honesty, the one race I get nervous about is the Preakness.... The Preakness has typically been the kiss of death for a Kentucky Derby winner.
  • Cautiously optimistic about Samraat, I have a really good feeling about him. I know, he's a NY bred and no Funny Cide.
  • I like Samraat as well. And RebornRuffian12, I agree on the fears I always have on the Preakness.
    Oh well, looks like there is no clear favorite at the moment, but I am sure things will tighten up as we get closer to the Derby.
    Just stay safe, that is what I so hope for!
  • Cautiously optimistic about Samraat, I have a really good feeling about him. I know, he's a NY bred and no Funny Cide.
    Me too. I like him, gutsy. Time will tell, but right now Samraat is my horse.
  • I guess I'll have to pick a new derby favorite now. I hope that Honor Code can still have a long and successful racing career.
  • Well, the good news is no matter what happens; there's always a horse who wins the Kentucky Derby. So we can hold comfort in the fact that one of the horses on the board will be a future Kentucky Derby winner.
  • Well that sucks. Shug is out of the derby now :(
  • Very good point RR12. hahaha. Love it.
  • Well, Honor Code was my favorite for the Derby so now, for me, it's going to be California Chrome.
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    Run Spot Run
  • Commissioner came in 3rd at Sunland, behind Chitu and Midnight Hawk. Rebranded I believe was 4th.
  • Remember I don't know much about horse racing, but I gathered that there was some concern that without Honor Code and some other horse--I wasn't paying attention--that AP Indy's sons would never win the Derby because this year is the last crop. I guess grandsons can win. I was a bit confused when I posted the following on a different thread. Sorry about that, but I think the main idea is sound. >>>
    "Looked up Chitu and remember that some of you have been worried because no more AP Indy's are in the running for the KD, but Chitu's dam sire is AP Indy. What? The dam doesn't count?"

    I was impressed with how unusually sturdy and muscular Chitu looks. His foaling date was March 18th, so he doesn't have any special age bonus in extra months as a 3-year old, although he is 2 months older than Midnight Hawk, who was foaled on May 14. Commissioner was foaled on April 7. (He's an AP Indy son. ??) California Chrome has the advantage; he was foaled on Feb 18th.
  • Commissioner is by AP Indy, the only one left to have a shot in the Derby
  • Okay. But there should be plenty of grandsons who might do it.
  • indeed but AP Indy only gets credit if his sons win it
  • the sire of whoever wins gets the title of Derby winning sire and a stud fee rise
  • Oh. Gotcha. See I toldya I don't know much about horse-racing. Wait a minute. It doesn't help AP Indy's stud fee; he's retired. It's just the bragging rights at stake now. LOL. Like I said on another thread, maybe it's better that the sons don't outshine "the old man."
  • lol yea
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    it stinks hes retired at age 23 due to infertility...hes 24 now
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