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  • Came across your discussion on our little horse Taxi and just had to join in to say "Thanks" for the support!!!! It's always fun to find more Taxi fans out there! He came out of last Saturday's race just fine - pretty tired but otherwise fine. And he went back to the track this morning for the first time this week for a light jog. We're very excited to see what this summer has in store for him so stay tuned!
  • Thanks LauraD for the update. Yes, we love him and his backstory. I am sure he makes you proud every time he walks into the starting gate. Blessings for a fun and safe summer. We will be watching. You can count on it!
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    Thanks Laura from me too....Taxi is in my virtual stable...he is amazing ...we always root for him
  • Yes - we're all very proud of him! Not sure what the next step will be just yet as we'll just wait to let him tell us what he's ready for.
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    Yes - we're all very proud of him! Not sure what the next step will be just yet as we'll just wait to let him tell us what he's ready for.
    Thanks for keeping us closely posted on Taxi! His background story is just soooo amazing and heartwarming!

    I read earlier on how you and Taxi's other aunties were fretting when Taxi got his first real grooming and were afraid they were going to trim his mane and tail...I also love his long flowing tail when he's running at full speed...beautiful! :oD
  • Magna Fortuna (4-Year-Old Gelding)

    Date: April 19, 2014
    Track: HAWTHORNE
    Distance: Five Furlongs
    Time: 1.00:60 Breezing

    Track Condition: Fast
    Surface: Dirt

    Rank: 7/45
  • Wow! Sorry to hear this. I've been wondering why I've seen no recorded workout lately (I haven't been going to Taxi's Blog, so didn't know what was going on).
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    I was just thinking about him a mess
  • What a can of worms; or, to use another cliche, what a mare's nest! hahaha
  • I guess this guy is done racing. It's been a year since I've heard any news. Anyone have anything new or something to share on Taxi?
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    He was retired in May, 2014 from racing due to EIPH--exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage--which occurred even with Lasix. Here are some links: (last entry on June 2, when his dam was euthanized due to her worsening hoof issues; see entry.) and
    His sire is Magna Graduate a multi-stakes winner of over $2 million. He stands at Darby Dan in Kentucky. His dam, Silver Option, was dumped and rescued from a kill buyer in Indiana. No one there knew she was in foal at the time. Taxi was born on April 15, 2010, tax day, hence the name Taxi. Whoever it was who dumped his dam should be sold to a kill buyer. hahaha (not really funny)
  • VA thanks! I had no idea of all that had transpired in the last year.

    RIP Silver Option.
  • Did Vacca get to keep him? Unclear of outcome, from her atyorney's post on Facebook.
  • It is unclear and hasn't been updated since June second. So, don't know.
  • Thanks for the info about Taxi and Silver Option. Had been very interested in him and had lost track. Hope he is okay and gets retrained for a new job.
  • I think the people closest to him will try to see that that happens.
  • Louise,

    Taxi has been with Ms. Vacca for sometime now. He has not been retrained & the court battle is still ongoing.

  • Nothing like a custody dispute, is there?
  • Laura
    The dispute has not made it to trial yet. Hopefully that will happen prior to the end of the year.
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