Best Race Horses of All Time



  • Alex's Preakness, of course. "In Dramatic Style!!!"
    oh yeah that one to. Wait are we talking about the 2005 Preakness with Afleet Alex when Scrapy T cut him off and he went to his knees and still popped right back up and won the race then as they put it "Afleet Alex just ran right by Giacomo like he was standing still" in the 2005 Belmont Stakes or are we talking about 2009 Preakness when Rachel Alexandra won? those are the two alex's i know haha
  • Probably RA. Alfeet Alex's race was great but sad at the same time as it later caused him to retire from injuries that were caused by him tripping in that race
  • I can't even guess how many times I've watched Zenyatta's 2009 classic. Has to be one of my favorites. And how can we forget Secretariat's Belmont, "Secretariat is moving like a tremendous machine"? Wow, both of them still give me chills.
  • I can't even guess how many times I've watched Zenyatta's 2009 classic. Has to be one of my favorites. And how can we forget Secretariat's Belmont, "Secretariat is moving like a tremendous machine"? Wow, both of them still give me chills.
    same here haha. Ever time that TVG plays it on TVG Classic and they call it Zenyatta's Classic i have to record it every time and watch it even though it makes my parents annoyed and they ask me how many times i have seen that race haha. I watch my Secretariat movie all of the time and that is one of my favorite lines and then when Big Red is pulling away from Sham when Pancho stops clapping and then says "Thats impossible" makes me laugh every time then in the movie Seabiscuit my favorite line in that movie is when it is the match race between War Admiral and Seabiscuit and when the trainer Smith says "Turn him loose, turn him loose" then a few moments later "TURN HIM LOOSE" its my favorite line every time

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    Seattle Slew holds a special place in my heart. Cause I was born during his TC run. xD Born nine days after his Derby, and five before his Preakness. And for a similar reason, so does Rachel Alexandra, cause she won the Preakness on my birthday, lol.

    But how can I forget Secretariat and his astounding TC run
  • Secretariat's Belmont is my favorite call of all time. Right up there are "A SUBLIME performance!" "We'll test these two to the wire!" "The two Derby winners, HIT THE WIRE TOGETHER!" "The UNCONQUERABLE, INVINCIBLE, UNBEATABLE CIGAR!"

  • I completely forgot to mention

    And that call is probably my second favorite. It was a bittersweet day when Tiznow won his 2nd Classic.
  • I love this race call Tiznow Wins it for America.
  • Shadow don't give up on your dreams! When I was young I gave up my horse dreams and it is only now many years later that I finally have a horse and am pursuing my dream farm. I regret wasting the years. And Mark is right, you are a very good writer (and researcher).
  • I do not know what I was (not) thinking when I forgot to mention the great race mare Shuvee. She won the Triple Tiara of New York, The Acorn, The Mother Goose, and the Coaching Club American Oaks at their original distances. After beating up on the girls, she then took on the boys as an older mare and won the Jockey Club Gold Cup back to back as a 4 year old and 5 year old, against the boys and at 2 miles.
  • 2009 Woodward: "Rachel Alexandra raises the rafters here at the spa" !!!!!!!!
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    Remembering Ruffian
    Art Martineau Tues. Sept. 27 2016
    Amazing past performances for #Ruffian Never trailed in any race.
    Won from 5-1/2F to 1-1/2 miles.
    Still unequaled after 41 years.

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    Keta Note:
    Surprisingly there is no Discussion for the great Ruffian.
    Many posts-escpecially in Breaking News.
    Maybe someone will build a Discussion for Ruffian.
    Yes, you can Copy & Paste the old Coments.
    Unfortunately this is not a project I can take on at this time.
  • Oh, Ruffian. Hurts til this day.
  • Why Ruffian now? Is it some anniversary?
  • KMM said:

    Why Ruffian now? Is it some anniversary?

    KMM, with 2016 being a year of great fillys and mares in racing -for example Songbird and Beholder-looking at the record of the amazing Ruffian who died much too young seems appropriate.
    Why a Discussion for Ruffian? Because of who she was and what she accomplished, Ruffian still is the subject of analysis and stories.
    Plus I just plain love her.

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    Nothing meant in any way. Thought it might be an anniversary. It just seemed a bit random. Best. K
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    I just love that pic of Sec and The Bid.....great!!!
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