Horse Racing Injuries and Fatalities



  • Somebody just trying to stir up more controversy about ANYTHING! There is no way nasal strips had anything to do with the horse's death!
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    thats what im saying, its utterly ridiculous
  • RIP Notability euthanized per @Romansracing 3 y/o colt by English Channel broke down in R5 at Churchill Downs
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    Notability, 5th in the KY Jockey Club Stakes last yr in Nov, 7 starts zero wins. All maiden races, except for that stakes in his 2nd time out. Never broke his maiden, despite that he had a good race record, came in the money except 2 races where he finished 5th. RIP :(
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    It is with a heavy heart that i bring about the news of Clever Allemont passing away this morning due to Colic. Clever was rescued from a feed lot and has remained at Old Friends ever since. His story is a great one, that makes 6 amazing steeds that Old Friends has lost this year :(
  • RIP Clever Allemont Poor Old Friends has lost so many older horses lately. I guess this happens with so many old retirees, but it must be hard for them.
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    RIP Notability, Clever Allemont.

    RIP Joe Aitcheson, steeplechase jockey champion.
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    RIP Clever Allemont. My family and I were able to meet him last September when we visited Old Friends. He was such a nice horse. If you've never been there it truly is a must if you go to Kentucky. My condolences to all who loved him.
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    RIP Notability & Clever Allemont Fly with the Angels, dear ones.
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    Actually its 8 horses Old Friends has lost this year, Miss Docutech is another, i dont recall hearing about her. and then we forget about Bull Inthe Heather, who died recently too :( will look up Miss Docutech
  • Thanks Rachel. I love this sweet story and the respect they give all their horses!
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    me too, and the fact fans actually come out for the memorial ceremonies. i read that when the sound of the bugal goes off, the other retirees respond by pawing or running around lol they remember.
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    Man, she had 2 foals! Glad they the foal will be okay, i do hope it wont be confused and will transition into its weaning just fine
  • The way I read the article, she had one foal--the weanling sired by Bernardini. The one sired by Malibu Moon died with her, in utero. Sad. They gotta find a cure for colic.
  • Hovdey: Larry Jones getting used to being in neutral:
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    RIP Vision In Gold and unborn foal. Just wish there was a way to prevent colic. I'll say it again, the 2 most dreaded words I never want to hear in regard to a horse's medical condition is colic and laminitis. So few survive.
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    Training was delayed at Belmont Park this morning due to a breakdown that happened at the 5/16ths pole. it was at 6am sometime. Horse had to be put down, no word on who it was.
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    RIP Lochsong, champion sprinter

    Robert Yates ‏@RobertYates1982 1m
    Test winner Capote Belle, 21, put down Mon night (complications following her foaling a Ghostzapper fily), per her former trainer, Dan Peitz

    Jay Em Ess stable lost SW/GSP Theverythoughtof U from foaling complications. Her colt by Mineshaft is OK.


    "05/24/145 RULING – LATS #191 – Refer 5/22/143
    Jockey KAYLA STRA, who rode TIZBUDSFORMENLIMO in the
    fourth race on May 22, 2014, is suspended for FIVE (5) racing days
    (May 30, 31, June 1, 5, and 6, 2014) for violation of California Horse
    Racing Board rule #1699 (Riding Rules – careless riding).
    The term of suspension shall not prohibit participation in designated races pursuant to California Horse Racing Board rule #1766 (Designated Races).
    This ruling was issued after Ms. Stra, accompanied by two supporters, viewed the fourth race from 05/22/14, during which she was the catalyst to a two-horse spill in the stretch. Ms. Stra said that she did not expect jockey Puglisi’s horse to break down and when she realized what was happening it was too late to take evasive action. Prior to Ms. Stra viewing video, the Stewards reviewed the incident and calculated that six and one-half seconds elapsed from the time Puglisi’s mount went wrong until the time Ms. Stra reacted to the situation. Additionally, her mount took thirteen strides and was struck six times with the whip during the time Puglisi was attempting to pull up the injured horse."

    Said injured horse was Stadtpark, the horse that broke down on may 22nd at Santa Anita and kept running down the stretch after losing its jockey. Horse sustained broken sesamoids and was euthanized. Kayla Stra's horse ended up running into the back of Stradtpark, that horse is okay.
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    Here is the description of the incident:

    "In the fourth race, the #4 STADTPARK went wrong inside the 3/16 pole. Jockey Iggy Pugisi almost had his mount pulled up and #2 TIZBUDSFORMENLIMO, ridden by jockey Kayla Stra, ran into the hind end of #4 STADTPARK near the 1/16 marker; this unseated Mr. Puglisi. The Paramedics were on scene immediately and transported Mr. Puglisi to First Aid for evaluation by the track physician.
    Jockey/Driver condition – After examination by the track physician, Mr. Puglisi was released and
    he returned to the jockey quarters.
    Horse condition – Vanned off track; evaluated by trainer Aguirre’s practicing veterinarian; euthanized.
    Fractured left front sesamoid."
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    Per Deb Jones @shortsqueeze2 4 y/o Irish colt "Kingston Jamaica" broke down both fronts training BP euthanized. RIP
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    Wow o.o
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